The People The People : 9 Days That Changed The World!

Nine Days that Changed the World

Newt and Callista’s newest documentary, Nine Days that Changed the World, -> (load time – click TRAILER and count to 60 when it pauses keep clicking PLAY or count 60 for it to load or click HERE) is a powerful story of freedom through faith. This groundbreaking film recounts Pope John Paul II’s historic nine-day trip to Poland in June of 1979, and reveals why this visit was the turning point for defeating Communism in Eastern Europe.

During these nine days, Pope John Paul II reminded the Polish people that nothing – not even the seemingly all-powerful Communist state – could stand between them and God.  The Pope sparked a revolution of conscience in the Polish people that led to the success of Solidarity’s free-trade union movement, and ultimately the fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of the Soviet Union.

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Nine Days That Changed The World : Holy Roman Catholic Church!

Nine Days that Changed the World premiered at Mt. Vernon, Virginia on Friday, April 9th. Newt and Callista have since hosted screenings on several college campuses including Catholic University, Ave Maria School of Law and Georgetown University.

This April, Newt and Callista have also joined Greta Van SusterenSean Hannity, and Governor Mike Huckabee to share Nine Days that Changed the World and its message of freedom through faith.

On Friday, Newt and Callista’s in-depth interview with Raymond Arroyo on EWTN’s “The World Over” will air at 8pm ET and throughout the weekend. Click here for show times. And to listen to Newt and Callista’s radio interviews with Sean HannityThe Catholics Next DoorNeal Boortz, Kresta in the Afternoon, Mike Gallagher, and more, simply visit

Pope John Paul II’s message of freedom through faith is as important today as it was in Poland in June of 1979. To view the trailer, purchase Nine Days that Changed the World, or help screen and share the movie, please visit

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