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National Health Care Fraud Takedown: Over 412 Individuals Charged In Fraud Losses Worth $1.3 Billion

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Tom Price, M.D., announced today the largest ever health care fraud enforcement action by the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, involving 412 charged defendants across 41 federal districts, including 115 doctors, nurses and other licensed medical professionals, for their alleged participation in health […]

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Eric Holder’s U.S. ‘Justice’ Department Proclaims Big Banks Have A License To Steal.

First we had “too big to fail”. Then came “too big to jail”. Now, finally, the U.S. Department of “Justice” is letting us know what it really thinks: U.S. Big Banks simply have a license to steal. The most amazing thing about the Justice Department’s new guidelines on prosecution of corporate crime is that the […]

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Publishing Darren Wilson’s Address ~ Julie Bosman The Coincidences: Arrested In Wisconsin And Husband Works For Eric Holder’s DOJ.

REPORT: NYT reporter Julie Bosman’s husband works for Eric Holder’s Justice Department…. #Ferguson Julie Bosman, the leftist New York Times hack who published Darren Wilson’s address in the Pravada of American apparently has a husband Jeremy L. McCarter who works for the Eric Holder Department of Justice. This makes her posting of Darren Wilson’s address […]

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