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China Launching “Petroyuan” In Two Months

The writing is on the wall for dollar hegemony. As Russian President Vladimir Putin said almost two months ago during the BRICs summit in Xiamen, “Russia shares the BRICS countries’ concerns over the unfairness of the global financial and economic architecture, which does not give due regard to the growing weight of the emerging economies. We are ready to work together with our partners to promote international financial […]

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China Extends Invitation For Egypt To Join BRICS

African countries see the emergence of the BRICS as a symbol of hope for a better life. African countries also see the extent to which the US [deep state] controls economic policies and the imposition of its interests, especially in the dominance of the dollar. This increases the importance of the BRICS. The strength of the BRICS bloc qualifies them to have […]

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Venezuela “Free Of The Rothschild Dollar Tyranny” Oil Priced In Chinese Yuan

Venezuela published the price of its oil and fuel in Chinese currency on Friday in what it called an effort to free the socialist-run country from the “tyranny of the dollar,” echoing a plan recently announced by President Nicolas Maduro. Maduro last week said his government would shun the dollar after the United States announced […]

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