Venezuela “Free Of The Rothschild Dollar Tyranny” Oil Priced In Chinese Yuan


Venezuela published the price of its oil and fuel in Chinese currency on Friday in what it called an effort to free the socialist-run country from the “tyranny of the dollar,” echoing a plan recently announced by President Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro last week said his government would shun the dollar after the United States announced sanctions that blocked certain financial dealings with Venezuela on accusations that the ruling Socialist Party is undermining democracy.

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Russia, Venezuela Oil Firms Reach $14B Oil, Gas Production Deal.
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The global oil industry overwhelmingly uses the dollar for pricing of products.

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A weekly Oil Ministry bulletin published on Friday listed September prices in Yuan, while including prices from previous weeks and months in dollars.

“This format is the result of the announcement made on Sept 7 by the president … that Venezuela will implement new strategies to free the country from the tyranny of the dollar,” the ministry wrote in a statement released after the bulletin.

Venezuela’s Yuan-based prices appear to be the result of multiplying dollar prices by the dollar/Yuan exchange rate.

The price per barrel for the week ending Friday was 306.26 Yuan, equivalent to US$46.76 based on the exchange rate listed in a footnote. That is up from the previous week’s price of 300.91 Yuan, or US$46.15 based on the corresponding exchange rate.

“Nobody is changing contracts for now,” said one oil trader consulted about the issue who asked not to be identified.

Venezuela’s Dicom currency system last week temporarily suspended the sale of dollars in order to incorporate other currencies.

Late [anti-] socialist leader Hugo Chavez during his 14-year rule repeatedly vowed to back away from the dollar, which he said was being printed indiscriminately and was destined to lose its place as the world’s dominant currency.


Venezuela Orinoco Oil Belt In Blue.

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