Israeli Mossad Snipers Killing U.S. Troops in Iraq (Creating Chaos): U.S. Marine Throws Medals To The Floor!

This video proves beyond all doubt that a majority of American deaths in Iraq were caused by Israeli/Rothschild snipers, shooting American troops to piss them off and make them kill Iraqis in a rampage.

This is horrible damning footage that could force an end to Israeli/Rothschild aggression as we have known it, Fat chance justice will be served, but when you see this you will KNOW who the terrorists are.

Send this to your congressman, if that congressman is not a Zionist/Rothschild Carpet Bagger.



It is already age restricted, a defacto ban.

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Israeli Rifle With Mandatory Video Cam By Rafael

Vatic Note:  Well, we all, already know that Israel has absolutely no compunction in killing Americans if it advances their agenda.  They have no loyalty whatsoever to anyone but other khazars and then they would sacrifice them as they did in WW II in order to advance their obtaining Palestine for their adopted homelands.  Add to that, their role in every single middle east uprising using sniping their allies to get the population mad and overthrow their governments.

What I question now that I have seen this story, is, “Did they actually murder those military, our sons and daughters, that were suppose to be suicided for refusing to be satanized”?  If they did that, then its even worse than we had imagined and they are full out enemies of this country and its people.  Its that simple. Personally, I considered them an enemy when I learned about their intentional murder of our children with the USS Liberty and the twin towers on 9-11. We have a problem, Houston, and we better deal with it.

Israeli Snipers Killing US Soldiers in Iraq

By .Downsize DC Newsletter update from earlier story.

(FEDERALJAC)  Back in 2006 a story made its rounds through the internet and the worlds media that Israel snipers were killing U.S. Troops in Iraq and pinning the blame on “insurgents” in order to enrage American troops so that the slaughter continued.  After a thorough investigation into this older story there is more than enough evidence to point to the fact that Mossad (with the CIA) is operating inside Iraq and has been for years.

I used the original material and new updated info that has come out that proves what it says is true.  I rewrote the article and sourced it with links to click on and see the original article that backs up each claim or a video showing evidence backing up each claim

My hope is that more people will see this larger, better sourced article and take this more serious than they did the original back in 2006.

The Vatic Project

CNN Sodomite Anderson Cooper From The Vanderbilt Family. Trained CIA agent.

Charleston Voice  Anderson Cooper of CNN showed this video of snipers killing U.S. troops in Iraq on his October 18, 2006 show. CNN says it obtained the video from a “representative” of an unnamed “insurgent leader.” Bear in mind that Anderson Cooper used to work for the CIA.

 Interesting side note, If you go to Anderson Coopers “blog” and look at Anderson Cooper’s Archives you will see that there is a huge missing gap of video from December 2005 – January 2008. 

That is two years of missing video reports.  Interesting that it happens to be the same time this report aired and the same time that the sectarian violence in Iraq was raging and attacks by “insurgents” on our troops increased in number and brutality.

Screen shot of Anderson Cooper’s “blog” (01/22/2011)

Close up of the missing archives between December 2005—January 2008 on Anderson Cooper’s “blog” (01/22/2011)

And remember special forces have been caughtpretending to be Arab insurgents running around shooting people in Iraq.

The Vatic Project

Richard Wilson’s hypothesis: Israeli soldiers and/or Mossad agents are killing our soldiers in Iraq in order to enrage American troops so that the slaughter continues.

Proof: At the very beginning of this video clip, you see a rifle with a video camera attached to it. This weapon is made by the Rafael company, an Israeli armsmanufacturer, that also makes IEDs. If you watch the video all the way through, it explains how this rifle works. CNN stated that the camera used to film these shootings was not a mounted rifle camera.

But as you watch the video, you see that with each shot fired, the camera recoils. That would only happen if it were mounted on the rifle. Why is this significant? Because this kind of rifle-camera is extremely sophisticated and not available to your average Iraqi insurgent. I mean, it’s not exactly an easily obtainable Saturday night special! Something this sophisticated points to Mossad.

Mossad is a master at false flag operations, e.g., Oklahoma City, the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, the bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, the July 7, 2005 London bombings, the 9-11 attacks in New York, the assassination of the Prime Minister in Beirut, the stoking of Muslim riots in France last year, the bombing of the Hassan al-Askari Mosque in Samarra, Iraq, etc.

The Chaos Is Fomented To Take Control Of Nation State Central Banks For The Rothschild Cartel.

Israelis freely move among US and UK troops in Iraq, and have access to top-level US intelligence. Until July 2003, the head of all US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan was General Tommy Franks, a Zionist Jew. (He is now on the board of directors for Bank of America.) On November 7, 2006 another Zionist Jew became a principle liaison between Mossad and US forces in Iraq: Major General Richard F. Natonski of the Marine Corps. His title is Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies and Operations.

Because of this access, the “insurgents” (i.e., Mossad agents) know exactly where USvehicles will be and who will be inside them. This allows them to target for maximum false flag effect.

For example, on July 23, 2005, a detachment of 19 female US Marines was sent to Fallujah to check Iraqi women for bombs. An IED blew up their truck. Two of the young American women were killed, five were critically wounded, and four were captured. The bodies of the four captured women turned up later in a garbage dump with their throats cut. Americans were outraged. Islamic clerics insisted that only Israelis could be so cold-blooded. And who was in charge of US forces in Fallujah at the time? None other than Major General Natonski, the Mossad liaison.

Americans are supposed to believe that rag-tag “insurgents” use IEDs powerful enough to kill three US troops per day, on average. An American soldier even set up a blog on how “Intel” is betraying and targeting US troops. But sometimes Mossad bomb-makers accidentally blow themselves upin Iraq.

According to Richard Wilson, Israeli sniping and IEDs are false flag operations. He says that on March 28, 2005, Americans arrested 19 Mossad agents who fired twice on a US Marine checkpoint. The Marines beat up the Mossad agents and tore off their Star-of-David necklaces. (The US media incorrectly said the agents were Americans.) The Mossad agents said they were employees of Zapata Engineering, which helps the CIA conduct interrogations, and also manages US ammo dumps and US motor pools in Iraq.

IEDs in Iraq are powerful enough to flip over a 70-ton tank. Some of the models shoot depleted-uranium projectiles, and are triggered by electronic devices surreptitiously planted on US armored vehicles. Zapata Engineering (which employs Mossad agents) makes this exact kind of trigger, and oversees some of the US motor pools.

Rumsfeld says the IEDs come from Iran, but Richard says they come from Mossad, and are not “improvised” at all. The Israeli company, Rafael (see above), makes IEDS, which are buried in the middle of a road. Beside the road is a device which emits a laser or radio signal. This device is manufactured by firms like Zapata Engineering, which is controlled by Zionist Jews. The IED mine, manufactured by Israel, is inert until a USvehicle (secretly planted with a triggering device) rolls over it.

Whenever Mossad carries out these false-flag operations they produce a videotape or arecording from an “unnamed source” that is “close to al-Qaeda.” Sometimes they say “the claim was posted on an Internet website, but its authenticity could not be verified.”

These videos have been widely proven to be false and the CIA has even admitted that they faked Bin-Laden and Saddam Hussein videos.

We know the CIA is evil but Israel is our ally and would never kill any of our soldiers, sailors, or marines in cold blood, would they? After all, the USS Liberty massacre was “an accident!”

As for the CIA the list is larger than the national debt.  One must understand that the CIA & Mossad are controlled at the very top by the same people.  The citizens of Israel are being used by their government, and their government is controlled by the Rothschild family.  The very same people who control our government.  For more information on the U.S.S. Liberty watch the two films below.

DEAD IN THE WATER: The Israeli Attack On The U.S.S. Liberty – (Full Length)

LOSS OF LIBERTY: The Truth About The U.S.S. Liberty

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

The Vatic Project

But Israelis would never kill anyone in cold blood, would they? After all, the USS Liberty massacre was “an accident!”

From The Trenches World Report

In his 7 Sept 2009 article “US Hypocrisy Astonishes the World,” Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains a cover story the Mossad and its CIA allies probably use on Americans whenever they get caught red-handed in their dirty work: Their covert operatives need to ocassionally kill Americans in order to develop credibility with the groups they are trying to infiltrate.

The Israelis played a similar game of infiltrating all factions in southern  Lebanon during their brutal occupation from 1982 to 2000.   The Mossad simultaneously armed Muslims and Christians and incited them to kill each other.

A climatic moment came early in 1982 when Israeli Defense Forces allowed Christian Phalangists to enter two Palestinian camps and massacre somewhere over 1,300 victims (the body counts vary widely, to as high as 3,500, depending on the source), now known to history as the Sabra and Shatila massacres.

In Lebanon Israelis also demonstrated perfidiousness towards Americans.  According to By Way of Deception: The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer, by Victor Ostrovsky, the Mossad had an agent in the truck shop that fitted out the truck bombs that blew up the Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983.

Another truck bomb blew up the French paratrooper barracks.  According to official sources, 220 Marines, 18 U.S. Navy personnel, three U.S. Army soldiers and 58 French paratroopers were killed.

In contrast, all of the Israeli facilities in Lebanon escaped unscathed from separate truck bomb missions.  They were all given adequate advanced warning.

Ostrovsky also talks about how the Mossad simultaneously equipped and trained both sides of a Ceylonese civil war.  At one point they happened to train both Sri Lanken rebels and government forces on the same Israeli military base at the same time.

One day their aggressive scheduling practices almost created a disaster for them. Both groups happened to be jogging towards each other while separated by a fence that divided a training field .  Fortunately for their Israeli instructors, the two groups happened to pass each other without recognizing each other.

One can imagine the sigh of relief of the Israeli instructors, followed by some chuckles.  Fooled the dumb goyim once again!

Before closing out this chapter, one other important Info War deception is worth mentioning stemming from comments made by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wed, 26 Oct 2005 before a group of 4,000 students attending a conferenced titled “The World Without Zionism.”

These alleged comments would later be used over and over again by the Bush administration and national media to help justify an American attack on Iran.

World Leaders Condemn Iranian’s Call to Wipe Israel `Off the Map,’” Mary Jordan and Karl Vick reported the initial high level reaction:

LONDON, Oct. 27 — Leaders around the world on Thursday condemned a call by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that Israel be “wiped off the map,” and a top Iranian official said that mass demonstrations in his country on Friday would rebuff the rising criticism from abroad.

“I have never come across a situation of the president of a country saying they want to . . . wipe out another country,”

British Prime Minister Tony Blair said at a summit outside London of the 25 leaders of the European Union’s member states.

I’ll Blame Deadbeat Obama, Mr. Buckley: Is Greed Worth This?

Blair said Ahmadinejad’s comment was “completely and totally unacceptable.”

In a joint statement, the E.U. leaders “condemned in the strongest terms” the Iranian president’s call, saying it “will cause concern about Iran’s role in the region and its future intentions.”

President Jacques Chirac of France told reporters that Ahmadinejad risked Iran “being left on the outside of other nations.”

In his 1 Nov 2007 interview with Theresa Mitchell of KBOO radio, Portland, Oregon, Capt May set the record straight:

Capt May: 

….There is a propaganda line par excellence which is that Ahmadinejad said that Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map, which has been conflated with

“Ahmadinejad wants to destroy Israel.”

The fact of the matter is Ahmahdinijad said nothing of the sort.


It was a mistranslation.
Capt May: 

If I could have one thing remembered in this interview, it would be that I am a linguist and I have an Iranian student who took Latin and Greek and Russian from me.

And I sat down and grilled him on what Ahmadinijad said. And I got all the adjectives and the nominatives and the verb tenses and the subjunctives. And what he did was quote a Khomeini quote, which is that Israel should be legally dissolved. It should lose its mandate. It is a reference to the 1948 creation of Israel.

And this had become one of those names that enters into the Big Lie technique. It is repeated so often, everyone thinks they know for certainty.

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