2 Massive U.S. Prison Barges Enroute To Gitmo, Cuba

Prison Barge Leaves NY for Gitmo

2 Massive U.S. Prison Barges Enroute To Gitmo, Cuba


I read that the docks at GITMO were worked on to permit HUGE SHIPS to dock at GITMO, ships that will also contain prisoners, because too many to process at once or hold at GITMO prisons, so they will be held on ships, like a floating hotel. Seems to fit in with SB2’s interpretation of this coded GITMO message between Hannity and FLOTUS….see SB decoding post further below.

Concrete Cutter Repairs Pier at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station

One CSDA member recently traveled to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay to cut and remove an old concrete pier and returned several months later to resolve a critical issue with the new pier construction. The job involved core drilling six 18-inch-diameter, 7.3-foot-deep holes in concrete pipe piles using diamond tools.


COMMENT: These new piers are very important.They can be used if necessary to berth decommisioned Navy vessels such as LST’s, Aircraft Carriers and the like each of which can house up to 6000 persons on a temporary basis until the final housing and/or trials are completed. LOL, cant you just see a ship full of lawyers standing in a chow line dressed in tattered 3-piece suits?

MARTIAL LAW After Christmas? Q’s Warnings of Martial Law


Amazing SB2! Seems to confirm what we are all expecting, time for the round ups, and the round ups might happen before Christmas!

Trump, Q, Gingerbread, Stockings and GITMO. PART1.


LOVE the fact that FLOTUS happened to visit this particular air craft carrier named after one of the big heads of the cabal, Bush Sr (otherwise known as “poppy” due to all of his opium drug trafficking)!

Q Followers Briefed on Laws Surrounding Enemy Combatants and the use of the Military to round up Treasonous Enemy Combatants!

Q Post Dec 2: #2523 – GITMO READY FOR NEW INMATES – Everything Ready for ROUND-UPS!!! Trump Can Use Deadly Military Force for Round Ups!!!


HERE’S “THE PLAN”!!! We are at Stage 5 of 5!!!


Great Awakening

Memories Of History: When The Italian People Got Fed Up!
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7 thoughts on “2 Massive U.S. Prison Barges Enroute To Gitmo, Cuba

  1. Italy was at war with the Bankers, even Churchill, before he sold out, praised Italy’s Fascism as showing the world that there was a defense to the brutal onslaught of Bolshevism.


  2. The voter fraud enacted by the DS AGAINST THIS GREAT Country has to be dealt with now. If not America’s Beacon of light for all Individuals freedom and Liberties around the World will be gone and the world’s Elitist will enslave us all.


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