Whats In The Box?: President George H.W. Bush National State Funeral Service & The Elite’s Envelope

Hillary Clinton & Others Receive Secret Service Delivered Envelopes At George H.W. Bush’s Funeral

After Hillary Clinton opened her program brochure at the closing of George H.W. Bush’s funeral, an envelope fell into her lap.

Former President Jimmy Carter, who was sitting to Clinton’s left, can be seen looking over at her and then checking if he got one too. He didn’t.

What was in the envelope?

Clinton receives an envelope:

Another video posted by The Washington Pundit shows Jeb Bush smiling with his hand over his heart, but quickly getting irritated after Laura Bush showed him something she was holding:

Here is CSPAN coverage of the event in HD

Vice President Joe Biden also received a similar looking envelope:

Here it is in real time on CSPAN at 1:33 on the time bar:

Obama receives an envelope:

Q’s statement on what the message was in the envelopes:

Q’s message of promise to counter.

The Clover Chronicle

Graphic of Jeb Bush sequence of events.

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