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Banking Cabal’s aka; NWO’s First Move On The United States: 9/11 Video

Lewis M. Eisenberg who, as a former Goldman Sachs partner, is perhaps best known for serving as chairman from 1995 to the pivotal year of 2001 of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey—at which time the authority turned World Trade Center (WTC) ownership over to international wheeler-dealer, Larry Silverstein, who had the WTC twin towers well insured and suspiciously […]

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Liens Filed Against ALL 12 Rothschild Federal Reserve Banks

The next major milestone for Mass Arrests of the cabal has now arrived. Liens have now been filed against all twelve Federal Reserve banks. A Cease and Desist Order has also been filed — to prevent the world’s wealth from continuing to be stolen. United States & Texas Revolutions: Infographic ~ Give Me Liberty Or […]

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Arrest Of Rothschild Banking Cabal!

The world seems to have finally awoken to the fact that a cabal of bankers are systematically looting the planet by design.  As the dominoes fall, even people not attuned to a “New World Order” know that when it comes to the economy, at least, something insidious is taking place. The New Iraq & Middle […]

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