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Georgia Administrative Law Judge Malihi Says An Indiana Rule Is Above The U.S. Constitution: Malihi Abuses His Judicial Discretion By Feigning Presidential Eligibility For Obama!

The Decision Is Being Appealed  Judge Malihi’s denial on the motion to dismiss by Obama’s attorney, “Emphasized” The Rule Of Statutory Construction by which he would later violate, in rendering his pro eligibility position as an Administrative Law Judge for Obama.

Massachusetts And Illinois ~ Challenge Barrack’s Official Ballot Eligibility.

ANONYMOUS VIDEO TODAY 1/26/2012 => Obama Eligibility On Trial In Georgia: Evidence For The FIRST Time Has NOW Been Entered Into Court! Obama Blocked From Registering For Alabama State Primary Until Eligibility Is Validated By Court. Mitt Romney’s Father Was A Mexican Citizen When Mitt Was Born. This week, Retired ASAR LTC William F. Reade filed…

Obama A British Citizen!

Assuming that Obama was born in the United States, he was not only born a dual national of the United States and Great Britain, but at present he continues to be such. Some maintain that American law on citizenship cannot be subjected to any foreign law.