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China Boots Rothschild’s NWO From Asia: No Tax For Tyranny Offsets – Zero Tolerance!

Excellent Meme About How The Cabalists Work. Who Do You Think Gets Thrown Under The Bus First When The “Political Climate” Heats Up? Will It First Be Rothschild Or The Puppet? The U.S. Constitution identifies many pursuits suitable for generating “Tyranny Offsets”, which are grouped into broad categories. These pursuit types include “Life”, “Liberty”, “Pursuit Of Happiness”, and when necessary, to provide […]

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Treason -> Obama Pledges The United States Allegiance In The Alliance To The British Crown As Her Faithful Servants!

Obama receives high praise from Britain’s Prime Minister Cameron for his many impeachable offenses and in return, Obama pledges himself to remain, now and always, the Queen‘s faithful servant.

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