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America’s Keynesian Hemorrhoid Warren Buffett: Profits $49.1 Billion While His Private Prisons Grow!

San Fran Chronicle, Keeping The Hidden Hidden! Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK/A)’s cash hoard hit a record as first-quarter profit jumped 51 percent on gains from equity-linked derivatives and insurance operations. Full Photo ARNIE WITH THE TWO MAFIA DONS. Net income climbed to $4.89 billion, or $2,977 a share, from $3.25 billion, or $1,966, a year…

America’s Hemorrhoid Warren Buffett: His Wealth Stems from Violence, Coercion, Imperialism, Statism, & His Firms Receiving $95 Billion In Bailout Cash From U.S. Tax Payers!

To illustrate the extent to which government intervention privileges the super rich at the expense of everyone else, I will examine Warren Buffett’s stock portfolio and expose how his wealth stems from violence, coercion, imperialism, and statism. Bailed Out Buffett: Buffett firms got $95 billion of bailout cash