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Pizza-gate California: 474 Arrested in Massive Child Pedophilia Sting

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has announced 474 pedophiles have been arrested and 55 victims have been rescued in a MASSIVE Southern California Child Trafficking sting dubbed “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild”: Barbara Boxer’s Pedophile Legislative Aid Gets 5 Years – Boxer’s Nephew Being Held For Murder Plot! Pederast Zionist ‘Orgy Island’ Back In The […]

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The Killing Fields Are In The United States: Lets Clean Up Our Own Mess First Instead Of Spreading It Around!

“What a drag it is getting old. “Things are different today,” “I hear ev’ry mother say “Mother needs something today to calm her down “And though she’s not really ill “There’s a little yellow pill “She goes running for the shelter of her mother’s little helper “And it helps her on her way, gets her […]

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Barbara Boxer Prostituting Our Children Of Tomorrow

The United Nations as a defined body, has now written the doctrine for Thursday’s Child, mandating the youth of today to be their own deciding factors. United Nations Al Gore States, “Ignore your parents, older people don’t know.” The Hope Of America

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Presidential Candidate Leader Ron Paul: The Psycho State.

Dr. Ron Paul –Oldie But Goodie: Ron Paul On The Psycho State The Psycho State by Rep. Ron Paul, MD A presidential initiative called The “New Freedom Commission on Mental Health” has issued a report recommending forced mental health screening for every child in America, including preschool children. The goal is to promote the patently […]

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Did You Know? ~ New Law Allows Women To Use The Gun’s Deadly Force To Defend Their Unborn Child

Oklahoma City, OK — Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry has signed Senate Bill 1103, the “Use of Force for the Protection of the Unborn Act,” into Oklahoma law.  This bill allows a woman to use force if necessary to protect her unborn child from attack.  Under the bill, a pregnant woman is legally justified in using […]

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Abortion ~ Even God’s Lowliest Creatures Know Better! – Stray dog takes baby back to its litter after mother left it to die

Stray dog takes human baby back to its litter after mother left it to die NAIROBI: A nursing dog foraging for food found an abandoned baby girl in a forest in Kenya and carried the infant to its litter of puppies, witnesses said yesterday. How Many Abortions Are Committed For The Health Of The Mother? […]

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