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President Putin To Rothschild Czar David Cameron Of England: Do You Want to Arm People Who Eat The Organs Of Their Enemies?

Putin slams Cameron Do you want to supply arms to people who eat their enemies organs Rothschild’s Design Of Israel: Seat Of Middle East Conflict! Obama Arms Syrian Jihadists Using American Tax Payer’s Money ~ While Jihadists Behead Christian & Feed His Body To Dogs!

Rothschild’s 6 Principles of Global Manipulation ~ In Order To Return Old World Order Back To London! ~ GLASS STEAGALL ACT WILL STOP HIM DEAD IN HIS TRACKS!

In their arrogance, convinced that by 2012 Europe will have become that socialist-like superstate and the global NWO (European Union/North American Union (SPP)(EU/NAU) will be a fact, they will celebrate the London 2012 Olympics with the historical Venus rising and transit on Solar Maximum 2012 with a Nazi-Germany style Olympic Games (Berlin -1936) in order to demonstrate…