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French Court Rules Against Monsanto: Found Guilty Of Poisoning

 French court rules against Monsanto in a groundbreaking, chemical poisoning case: http://www.naturalnews.com/037465_Monsanto_chemical_poisoning_court_case.html#ixzz28juDgTMP Monsanto Guilty! And this time it’s not a public verdict, it’s a legal verdict! Is this possible? Well, you can see for yourself. Monsanto Declared Worst Company of 2011

United States Must Arm The Natives In South Africa: From London With Love ~ South African Police Massacre Natives At London Based Platinum Mine 44 Dead, 72 Injured.

 Owned by Lonmin, The London-Listed Platinum Mine. Lonmin is the world’s third largest platinum producer and its mine at Marikana produces 96 per cent of all its platinum. The police went there because the big shots called it an illegal strike – how daft! The workers wanted their salaries to be increased from R4,000 to…