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Obama Administration Continues To Ban Offshore Drilling When Gasoline Is Climbing To $5/gallon.

Solar Minimum-Quiet Sun, Warns Of Deadly Cold And Snow Ahead: While British Controlled Air Waves, Pump Global Warming Lies! Transition from oil to renewable energy 100 years away, says Exxon Mobil Another Hundred Years Of A World Fueled By Oil – Wall Street Oil Will Dominate for Next 100 Years,  Shell Oil

Constitutional Sheriffs: Rural America Project & County Sheriff Project ~ Battle U.N. Agenda 21 ~ Their Attempt To Take Over Of Our Rural Land!

SUPPORT RURAL AMERICA PROJECT Please join in support of Rural America at: www.SupportRuralAmerica.com Four clean hydro-power dams in the Klamath basin are being targeted for removal.  Ken Salazar (Dept. of the Interior) will be making his determination as soon as 2012.  These dams provide green power to 70,000 homes.  Isn’t green energy supposed to be good?

Chief Justice Roberts Guilty Of RICO Act (18 U.S.C. § 1951(b)(2))? : Deciding Upon International Ideology – Constitutional Judges Reign Impetus!

Lai Lai Hei A Repeat Of The Oath Of Office But This Time w/o The Written Words Of The Holy Bible. Remember, This Is No Longer A Christian Nation – So Says Barry Soetoro. When Washington took the Oath of Office they did not have a Bible when they were about to begin. The chief…