Obama Administration Continues To Ban Offshore Drilling When Gasoline Is Climbing To $5/gallon.

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With OPEC targeting $100/barrel oil as OPEC oil ministers gathered last week for a meeting in Cairo, 2011 may see oil challenge the $148/barrel all-time high reached in July 2008. This comes at a time when the Obama administration is continuing a ban on offshore drilling in favor of offshore wind farms. No amount of spin will win the Obama administration gains in public approval if gasoline tops $4/gallon or threatens to reach $5/gallon – an economic nightmare the American public might well see develop in 2011. OPEC members Iran, Venezuela and Libya have weighed in favor of the $100/barrel target, rejecting Saudi Arabia’s preference for prices centered at the $75 level, the level that oil has traded above since September, according to Bloomberg. The end of 2010 has seen oil prices clime above $90/barrel, as Red Alert predicted at the end of the third quarter 2010.

Obama bans offshore drilling Earlier in December, the Obama administration reversed policy, announcing a ban on offshore drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and off the Atlantic coast that is expected to continue for at least seven more years. Ironically, in March, less than a month before the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster in the Gulf, Obama and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar had promised to open up the eastern Gulf and parts of the Atlantic coast to offshore oil and natural gas exploration. The Obama administration has no consideration of reversing the ban on Pacific Coast oil and natural gas exploration that is expected to prohibit drilling until at least 2017, USA Today reported. Clearly the decision to ban offshore drilling is a concession to the environmental groups on the political left that support President Obama. Instead, last month Salazar launched a “Smart from the Start” wind energy initiative for the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf designed “to facilitate siting, leasing and construction of new projects, spurring the rapid and responsible development of this abundant resource,” according to a Department of Interior press release. The decision is a follow up to the Cape Wind project announced in October, in which the Interior Department signed the nation’s first lease for commercial wind energy development with Cape Wind Associates LLC, a subsidiary of Energy Management, Inc. The area involved in the Cape Wind project involves 25 square miles of the Outer Continental Shelf in the Nantucket Sound offshore Massachusetts. The 130 planned wind turbines are estimated to generate a maximum electric output that could produce enough energy to power more than 200,000 homes The Interior Department estimates that the Cape Wind energy project could generate enough power to meet 75 percent of the electricity demand for Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Island combined.

Wind farms continue to fail In making the decision to pursue wind energy, the Obama administration is ignoring abundantly available information that wind turbine farms have failed to be proven to be economically profitable ventures. Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens has abandoned his $2 billion investment in a wind turbine farm in Pampa, Texas, despite having invested $58 million to broadcast a series of television commercials promoting his wind energy agenda. In September, Deere & Co. announced its intention to sell its wind energy business to a subsidiary of Exelon for $900 million, the Associated Press reported.

Originally, in founding John Deere Renewables, the company saw the wind business as an extension of its agricultural work, with projects located in rural areas; before abandoning the project, Deere had invested more than $1 billion in the wind energy project over the last five years. Last week, Colorado State University abandoned a plan to build a massive electricity-generating wind farm on CSU’s Maxwell ranch, according to Coloradoan.com. Fort Collins campus president Tony Frank was forced to admit that a 2008 plan to transform the university into a “carbon-neutral” environment by 2020 was too ambitious. Most of the electricity in Colorado comes from coal-fired power plants and from burning natural gas. Currently, the Obama administration has no plan in place that has any reasonable chance of reducing the price of oil and natural gas in the near future.

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Obama hypes global warming in blizzards
Science Czar John Holdren once feared cooling of planet


Even as cities across the United States and Europe are suffering from record cold and digging out from blizzards, the White House is preparing to push its ideological global-warming agenda.

This was made obvious by a Dec. 17 memorandum authored by White House science czar John Holdren in which he warned that politics should not intrude on science. Translated, Holdren was warning that the White House dogma on global warming was set in stone, not subject to change by scientific argument that the White House was intent on branding as “politics.”

In the memo, Holdren argued that science “thrives in an environment that shields scientific data and analyses from inappropriate political influence, warning, “Political officials should not suppress or alter scientific or technological findings.”

The Obama White House circulated Holdren’s memo to the heads of all federal departments and agencies calling for “a clear prohibition on political interference in scientific processes and expanded assurances of transparency,” Fox News reported.

On Jan. 3, the EPA plans to put forth new carbon-emission limits that will set the way for regulations expected to be proposed in July to impose on utilities and refineries what amounts to carbon taxes.

The irony is that Holdren used to fear global cooling, before Al Gore made global warming fashionable.

EPA declares carbon dioxide a harmful chemical

According to the EPA website, on Dec. 7, 2009, the EPA administrator signed two distinct findings regarding greenhouse gases under section 202(a) of the Clean Air Act:

* Endangerment finding: The administrator finds that the current and projected of six key well-mixed green house gases – including carbon dioxide – in the atmosphere threaten the public health and welfare of future generations;

* Cause or contribute finding: The administrator finds that the combined emissions of these well-mixed greenhouse gases from new motor vehicles and new motor vehicle engines contribute to the greenhouse gas pollution that threatens public health and welfare.

All this derives from the Supreme Court ruling in Massachusetts v. EPA, 549 U.S. 497 (2007) that Section 202(a)(1) of the Clean Air Act allows the EPA to regulate the emission of carbon dioxide as an air pollutant.

Red Alert has repeatedly warned the EPA plan demonstrates once again the determination of the Obama White House to govern in the next two years by executive decree and administrative rule-making, acknowledging that a Republican-controlled House will never pass new legislation such as the cap-and-trade bill Obama failed to get through the Senate in 2010.

Without the argument that human-generated carbon dioxide causes catastrophic global warming, the EPA carbon emission regulations make no sense whatsoever.

Rewind: Holdren used to fear global cooling

That Holdren is pursuing a strictly leftist agenda in antipathy to U.S. industrial activity and the use of hydrocarbon fuels is make clear form how he has changed his mind over time whether the fear is global cooling or global warming.

What is unavoidable is the conclusion that Holdren intends to use climate hysteria to impose carbon taxes on the U.S. economy, using whatever junk science he can find at the time to argue either anthropogenic global cooling or anthropogenic global warming – whichever fear happens to be in the vogue for green ideologues at the time.

In a 1986 book, titled “The Machinery of Nature,” Malthusian population alarmist Paul Ehrlich referenced Holdren’s prediction that global over-population was heading the Earth to a new ice age unless the government mandated urgent measures to control population, including the possibility of involuntary birth control measures such as forced sterilization.

Back then, Holdren was known for predicting that one billion people would die by 2020 from a global cooling “eco-disaster.”

On Pages 273-274 of “The Machinery of Nature,” Ehrlich explained Holdren’s theory by arguing “some localities will probably become colder as the warmer atmosphere drives the climactic engine faster, causing streams of frigid air to move more rapidly away from the poles.” (Emphasis in original text.)

The movement of the frigid air from the poles caused by global warming “could reduce agricultural yields for decades or more – a sure recipe for disaster in an increasingly overpopulated world,” Ehrlich wrote.

Holdren and Ehrlich had previously articulated this theory in their 1973 textbook, titled “Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions,” in which they argued on Page 198 that the main effect of carbon-dioxide induced global warming “might be to speed up circulation patterns and to bring Arctic cold farther south and Antarctic cold farther north.”

Truthfully, taking Holdren seriously strains credibility, except that he is White House science czar, and, as such, he is intent on forcing the Obama administration’s global warming ideological agenda into carbon taxes imposed by the EPA, despite the inability of Congress to pass cap-and-trade legislation.