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Time For The American People To Hunt Down And Capture The World’s Biggest Terrorists: The CIA & Mossad

Kennedy CIA

In order to eliminate World Terrorism, the head of the Khazarian Mafia Snake, its true source must be cut off.

Yes, it is now time to cut the head off the Terrorist Snake. Yes, it is now time to eliminate the root cause of Terrorism. It’s also time to cut through all the lies, false-narratives and propaganda of the Khazarian Mafia’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) News Cartel (an illegal monopoly).

The Establishment Hierarchy (EH) can only cry wolf so much and the masses start catching on and begin to really get serious about eliminating International Terrorism and its root cause no matter where its fingerprints lead.

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MLK, JFK, USA, & Barry Obama: Compares Himself to Martin Luther King ~ I Have A Nightmare!

At a small, exclusive New York City fundraiser Thursday night featuring the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, Obama compared himself and his agenda to that of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Turkey’s Mussolini: Tayyip Erdogan

Tayyip Erdogan Turkey

TEHRAN (FNA)- Senior Member of Turkish Republican People’s Party (CHP) Aran Erdam disclosed that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his relatives have purchased oil from the ISIS terrorist group.

“The evidence shows that the trucks that were bombed by the Russian planes last month were carrying oil cargos destined for Turkey via Iraq from Northern Syria,” Erdam said.

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US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II

Rothschild 1917

Rothschild 1917 ~ World War I [1914-1918] was called the Great War, the World War or the War to End all Wars. 135 countries took part [Including The U.S.] in World War I, and more than 15 million people died. ~ World War I 2014: 100th. Anniversary Of The Great War To End All Wars ~ Gave Way To 209 More 48 Major.

It is essential that Americans learn more about this topic so that they can begin to understand the pain that others feel. Someone once observed that the Germans during WWII “chose not to know.”

We cannot allow history to say this about our country. The question posed above was “How many September 11ths has the United States caused in other nations since WWII?” The answer is: possibly 10,000.

The Deception Of Red Flags!

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U.S. Managed By Monkeys: Debt Spikes $340 Billion The Day After Debt Ceiling Increase.

barack-obama-president-monkeyThe US Gross National Debt, that monster that keeps ballooning so much faster than our infamously slo-mo economy, just jumped by $340 billion in one day.

The debt ceiling was hit in March, and from that point forward, the Gross National Debt was stuck at about $18.15 trillion, give or take a couple of billion. But the government continued spending the money that Congress had told it to spend, though Congress also told the government not to issue more debt to pay for this spending. If this sort of debt-ceiling fight looks like a Congressional charade to the world outside the Beltway, it’s because it is a charade.

So instead of issuing new debt, the Treasury relied on “extraordinary measures,” taking the money it needed from other government accounts, robbing Peter to pay Paul so to speak, and ended Fiscal 2015, on September 30, with a total Treasury debt outstanding of, well, the same $18.15 trillion.

That remained the Gross National Debt until just now. In late October, Congress agreed to raise the debt ceiling and end the charade, days before the out-of-money date, as everyone knew it would. The Treasury then embarked on a flurry of activity, undoing these “extraordinary measures” and going on a debt-sales binge. Now it made the accounting entry – adding $340 billion in one day to the Gross National Debt, bringing it to the new phenomenal level of $18.492 trillion.

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U.S. Cabal Is Losing Control In The Middle East As More Countries Turn Towards Russia.

  1. Obamacare premiums are increasing, so much for the affordable care act.
  2. Pentagon uses missionaries to spy on North Korea.
  3. Russian aircraft carrier is in the Bering Straits and not near Syria.
  4. The U.S. Proxy ‘FSA’ rejects Russia’s offer, wants Assad gone.
  5. US complaining that Russia is hitting their guys in Syria, which are paid mercenaries and terrorists.
  6. US pushing the idea that Russia could cut the underground communication cables which would destroy the economy.

Breaking => Russian Warships Shut Down Israeli Air Force Access To Syria.

Demoralized U.S. Israeli ISIS Militants Deserting En Masse Amid Russian Airstrikes – Defense Ministry

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