Catholic Church’s Recognition Of US Legitimate Role In Intercepting Undocumented Migrants: House Democrats Propose SOROS OPEN BORDERS In 2019

Rome, Italy. The Papal Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) recognized the right of the sovereign to control and protect its borders, stating: “we accept the legitimate role of the U.S. . . . government in intercepting undocumented migrants who attempt to travel through or cross into [the country].” USCCB

Even as “leftist” and/or conservative “poison pill” sites perpetuate the deception that The Church supports Soros Open Borders which is the mantra of Democrats ~ The Church stands firm in recognizing the right of the sovereign to control and protect its borders.

House Democrats propose OPEN BORDERS in 2019 homeland security budget

Soros funding border caravan invasion 2019

Leftists Democrats continue to insist that providing proper funding for a border wall between the United States and Mexico would somehow be “wasteful” and “immoral,” they’re simultaneously pushing for open borders – which costs the U.S. around $155 billion annually, or 31 times the cost of the wall – as part of the 2019 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) budget. The Other American Hungarian Billionaire Thomas Peterffy: Antidote To George Soros!

According to new reports, the draft budget being proposed by House Democrats offers a measly $1.75 billion to President Trump for “extra border spending,” while provisioning absolutely nothing for the border wall. However, these same House Democrats made sure to provision for hundreds of millions of dollars in funding in their proposal to help more “migrants” illegally cross the border, as well as find jobs once they are in the U.S.

“The Democrats want to limit the government’s ability to keep people out of the country,” stated Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies, about the ridiculous proposal. “Enforcement would be weakened and people abroad would very quickly learn of that, and then illegal immigration would dramatically increase, especially of people with children.”

Illegal aliens in the U.S. drive down wages for law-abiding Americans

In addition to draining taxpayer coffers, the illegal aliens that House Democrats are calling “migrants” end up putting enormous strain on our country’s job pool. Since they’re willing to work for far less than the average American, wages drop significantly for everyone, driving more people – both illegal and legal – towards welfare programs that put even more strain on the system.

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Back in 2017, some 400,000 illegal aliens were given work permits to compete against law-abiding Americans for work – all thanks to provisions previously put in place by Obama that favored illegal aliens over taxpaying Americans.

Not only does the new budget proposal by House Democrats seek to further these anti-American loopholes for illegal aliens put in place by Obama, but they further seek to expand them by blocking President Trump’s efforts to both deny asylum for more illegal aliens and end the disastrous “catch-and-release” program that puts more illegal aliens on the streets of America.

House Democrats want to reopen Obama “pipeline” for bringing more Central American illegals into the U.S.

And remember all those buses that Obama set up to bring illegal Central American “youth” to cities all across the country? House Democrats want to reopen this “pipeline” of illegals as well, allowing cartel “coyotes” to traffic children, drugs, and who knows what else into American communities under the cover of darkness.

The proposed budget would also reauthorize the EB-5 law, allowing wealthy Chinese and Indian families to purchase green cards – effectively cutting to the front of the immigration line – if they agree to lend cash to American real estate developers. This so-called “citizenship-for-sale” program is strongly supported by both New York Senator and Democrat Chuck Schumer, as well as Texas Senator and Republican John Cornyn.

And finally, instead of apportioning money for proper border security, the Democrats’ proposal seeks to divert this funding towards “pork-barrel” spending projects in Democratic districts, allowing corrupt Democrats to purchase aircraft, invest in various construction projects, and fund other “pet” projects at their discretion.

“It is becoming increasingly mainstream on the left to reject the concept of immigration controls,” Krikorian adds. “Not that criminals should be let in, or terrorists, but the principle [they support] that everyone has the right to move here – unless there is some specific reason to keep them out – is now at the center of the Democratic Party.”

“Our elites are increasingly dangerous – they are a danger to the health of their society,” he contends.

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Hungary Joins Russia In Campaign Against Soros: Netanyahu Calls It An Anti Semitic Campaign

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