Remember ~ Reid & Obama Shuts Down Government And Increases Funding For Soros’s CIA Al Qaeda.

Soros Money To Create Anti Bill Of Rights Propaganda In The United States Of America
Soros Money Funding Anti Bill Of Rights Propaganda In The United States Of America.

The US government is shut down, which means only essential spending is permitted. So what does the US government, or rather its [SOROS] Central Intelligence Agency decide to spend precious, mission-critical taxpayer money on?

Why arming the Qatari-supported [CIA created] Al-Qaeda “rebels” in Syria of course.


WaPo reports that the CIA is expanding a clandestine effort to train opposition fighters in Syria amid concern that [CIA fomented] moderate, U.S.-backed [CIA fomented] militias are rapidly losing ground in the country’s civil war, U.S. officials said….“It’s basic infantry training,” the former U.S. intelligence official said. “How to have some discipline hitting a target, how to reload a magazine, how to clear a room. They’re not marching. They’re learning basic infantry procedures.”

So let’s get this straight: 800,000 non-essential workers are furloughed, but the CIA, in its infinite wisdom, is now, when the government is shut down, doubling down on spending to make sure [CIA] Al-Qaeda insurgents have even more lethal training (for that inevitable moment when they turn on their sponsor as they tend to do), and even better weapons?

robin cook 2

The CIA effort was described as an urgent bid to bolster moderate [CIA] Syrian militias, which have been unable to mount a serious challenge to Assad or match the growing strength of rival rebel factions that have hard-line Islamist agendas and, in some cases, ties to the [CIA] al-Qaeda terrorist network.

The CIA is “ramping up and expanding its effort,” said a U.S. official familiar with operations in Syria, because “it was clear that the [CIA] opposition was losing, and not only losing tactically but on a more strategic level.”

The CIA declined to comment.

The Soros/CIA Web & The National Endowment for Democracy aka; Totalitarianism Using Fake Christian Cover Groups At Times.

George Soros and the CIA has emerged as a result of disclosures of funding of a Malaysian media organization by the National Endowment for Democracy. It turns out it was NED funding and Soros funding.

NED has long been known as a CIA front. In the clip below, one time CIA case officer Phil Agee describes the developments that led up to the formation of NED and how NED operates.

Chong said he quit after confronting the two Malaysiakini’s top guns – Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran – and the two refused to publicly admit to receiving funds through Media Development Loan Fund run by the Open Society Institute, a well-known international unit linked to Soros. WKOG

The descriptions of the CIA training program provide the most detailed account to date of the limited dimensions and daunting objectives of a CIA operation that pResident Obama secretly authorized in a covert action finding he signed this year.

U.S. officials said the classified program has been constrained by limits on CIA resources, the reluctance of [CIA zombie] rebel fighters to leave Syria for U.S. instruction and Jordan’s restrictions on the CIA’s paramilitary presence there.


Obama [The Candy Man Can] Bribes Jordan!

CIA veterans expressed skepticism that the training and weapons deliveries will have any meaningful effect. In Jordan, operatives involved in training and arming rebels lament that “we’re being asked to do something with nothing,” a former senior U.S. intelligence official said. The former official spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of agency operations overseas.

Lizzy II, Georgi Soros, Barry Soetoro, Jacob Rothschild
Lizzy II, Georgi Soros, Barry Soetoro, Jacob Rothschild

Some have also questioned the wisdom of expanding the CIA’s mission at a time when many think the agency has become too [SOROS] paramilitary in focus and should return to its traditional [Constitutional] intelligence-­gathering role.

Officials said the main CIA training effort does not involve instruction on using high-powered weapons such as rockets and antitank munitions, which are being supplied by countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, although the agency is involved in tracking those arms flows and vetting recipients.

From Russia With Love

Protecting The Syrian People From

The Rothschild Usurped Corporate U.S.

This Filchenkov is the third naval
This Filchenkov is the third naval “landing” ship Russia has sent to Syria, following the previously reported dispatch of the Novocherkassk (150 marines on board) and Minsk (225 marines). According to the website of the Russian Black Sea fleet, the Filchenkov can carry 300 troops + 1,700 tons including about 20 tanks and various trucks or 40 AFV’s.

Where does Qatar and Saudi Arabia get their weapons from? Luckily, the Government shutdown has removed all constrains on CIA resources to do what it does best: provide training and weapons to the very [CIA] people who a few years down the road turned on the US, resulting in even more deaths, only this time of American citizens.

Zero Hedge



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