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Egyptian Citizens At Work Wiping Out Obama’s Political Muslim Brotherhood ~ Ariel Video: 638 Killed 4,000 Injured, Day of Rothschild Rage Planned by Brotherhood!

Muslim Brotherhood was created to keep the ball rolling in the Middle East after Rothschild banking System Was Kicked Out Of India By Gandhi. It was at this time too when Rothschild purchased Palestinian land in The Middle East And Named It Israel.

Bombshell Drops From Child Actor Corey Feldman: “The No. 1 Problem In Hollywood Was, Is, And Always Will Be Pedophilia” : Demon’s Kiss!

Corey Feldman has no idea what it’s like not to be famous. After all, he starred in a McDonald’s ad when he was just 3 years old. HBO’s Bill Maher & DynCorp Pedophile Coverup: Council On Foreign Relations Tied To Both HBO & Dyncorp! Barbara Boxer’s Pedophile Legislative Aid Gets 5 Years – Boxer’s Nephew Being…