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Obama Does Not Apologize: Gives Taxpayer Money For ‘Catholic Corpus Crucifix’ Immersed In Human Urine And Cow Blood At The New York Museum Of Art ~ Yet Does Apologize For Charred Quran!

Obama’s $155 Million USD Tax Payer’s Money In Support Of Cultural Terrorism! Affectionately known by heathens as Piss Christ – The Roman Catholic Corpus is sacrilegiously immersed In A Beaker Of The Artist’s Urine & Mixed With Cow’s Blood And Is Displayed At The New York Museum Of Art Where Obama Sanctioned $155 Million USD, For The Endowment Of […]

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Obama Supporting Cultural Terrorism: Catholic Corpus Crucifix Immersed In Urine/Blood!

Obama increases the budget for the U.S. Department of Education‘s Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination Grants and work with foundations and businesses to increase support for joint efforts with government. Supports the proposed Artist-Museum Partnership Act (S 372) to allow artists to write off the fair market value of the work they donate, […]

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