Obama Does Not Apologize: Gives Taxpayer Money For ‘Catholic Corpus Crucifix’ Immersed In Human Urine And Cow Blood At The New York Museum Of Art ~ Yet Does Apologize For Charred Quran!

Obama’s $155 Million USD Tax Payer’s Money In Support Of Cultural Terrorism!

Affectionately known by heathens as Piss Christ – The Roman Catholic Corpus is sacrilegiously immersed In A Beaker Of The Artist’s Urine & Mixed With Cow’s Blood And Is Displayed At The New York Museum Of Art Where Obama Sanctioned $155 Million USD, For The Endowment Of The Arts.

More Obama Sanctioned Tax Payer’s Money For Cultural Terrorism!

New York City’s Museum of Modern Art featured a film, “The Pope’s Toilet.” Shown in Spanish with English subtitles, the movie revolves around a visit by Pope John Paul II to the poor town of Melo, Uruguay, near Brazil. Anticipating the arrival of the pope, townspeople make plans to set up food and drink stands, etc. One of them decides to make money by setting up an outdoor public pay toilet. The film is the work of two Uruguayans: writer Enrique Fernández and cinematographer César Charlone.

Commenting on this is Catholic League president Bill Donohue:“This movie would not garner our attention except for its venue and timing. It debuted two years ago and it is deliberately being shown during Holy Week, ending on Easter Monday. And it is not being shown at some dump in the Village—it is being showcased at the Museum of Modern Art.“The New York Times says the film takes ‘an oblique dig at a church that, the movie suggests, may have failed its most disadvantaged followers.’ When it was shown at the Toronto Film Festival two years ago, it was described as blending ‘the sacred and profane.’ Which explains why V.A. Musetto of the New York Post—who has never found a Catholic-bashing movie he didn’t love—gave it three stars.

The NEA and the White House did encourage a handpicked, pro-Obama arts group to address politically controversial issues under contentious national debate. That fact is irrefutable.

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The Catholic Church has held that publicly exhibiting blasphemous  forms would constitute the criminal offence of blasphemous libel, and would contravene section 17 (1)(b) of the Summary Offenses Act 1966 (Vic).

Cultural terrorism;

Piss Christ is by Andres Serrano. It depicts The Corpus Crucifix submerged in a glass of the Serrano’s own urine mixed with cow’s blood. Serrano received $15,000 from the taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts for the work. Supporters argue the Piss Christ is an issue of artistic freedom and freedom of speech. The journal Arts & Opinion describes the controversy as “a clash between the interests of artists in freedom of expression on the one hand, and the hurt such works may cause to a section of the community on the other.

The Piss Christ is on display at Brooklyn’s Museum of Modern Art, Tania Kovat’s Virgin in a Condom from the Pictura Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and The Madonna with Child is a glass of menstrual fluids.

The Catholic Church has held that publicly exhibiting this art constitutes the criminal offence of blasphemous libel, and would contravene section 17 (1)(b) of the Summary Offenses Act 1966 (Vic).

Dr Pell stated that  “Piss Christ” is so offensive, scurrilous and insulting to Christians, that it was beyond a legitimate difference of opinion. It was calculated to outrage and denigrate those who have made America strong.

Burning Of The Quran?