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Ohio Schools Authorize Conceal Carrying Of Guns: Express Purpose For Student Safety!

Buckeye Firearms Foundation recently surveyed school employees to find out what has changed in the year since the Newtown killings. The information below is from just over 300 responses taken from school teachers, administrators and other employees who signed up to be trained to carry firearms in schools. There are at least 20 different school districts…

86% Of United kingdom Citizens Moving Forward To Reclaim Their Gun Rights!

BELLEVUE, WA – -(Ammoland.com)- In case you missed my Op-Ed column that appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Salem Oregon Statesmen Journal, Birmingham Alabama News and many other newspapers across the country, it is below for your enjoyment. Federal Reserve’s Fear Of The Silver Bullet: Slashing Rates Is Just More Talk!

Homosexuals Kill People Yet Obama Promotes Sodomy: Doctors Kill 2,450% More Americans Than All Gun-Related Deaths Combined.

Report: AIDS Epidemic Jumped 22% In Nation’s Capital ~ Leading Cause Same Sex 50 States Where HIV/AIDS Kills More Than Double The People Than Do Cars – Suicide – Violence – & War! Homosexuality Forced By Obama Globalists In New World Order Scheme. (NaturalNews) Everyone agrees the Sandy Hook shooting was a tragedy. Lots of people subsequently exploited…