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Gold’s Global Supply Artery: Declining Supply Heading For Cardiac Arrest With Increasing Demand Vs Debt Clock

An oceanic-scale demand push from “all parts Far East” is building, as the desire to own gold and silver promises to place an increasingly solid foundation for years to come. China, India, and Southeast Asia have historically accumulated precious metal as a savings vehicle, a hedge against political uncertainty (e.g. India’s surprise call-in last year […]

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Smashing The Myth There’s Not Enough Silver Or Gold: Limited Supply Is A Feature

Not all the people in the world require Photovoltaic Solar Panels, Not all the people in the world require Cellular Phones, IOWs Its Limited Supply Is A Feature ~ Silver & Gold Are Elemental And Have Been Used As Money For 1000s Of Years. Silver & Gold prevents corrupt governments from artificially inflating the currency supply with […]

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