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The Core Imperative Of The Deep State: Expand Control

Memories Of History: When The People Get Fed Up! ` We can add a third certainty to the two standard ones (death and taxes): ` The rules will suddenly change when a financial crisis strikes. Why is this a certainty? The answer is complex, as it draws on human nature, politics and the structure of […]

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Dow Jones Propaganda Average: Banking Cabal’s Algorithms vs U.S. Justice System

Author : Andrew Hoffman Published: October 5th, 2015 There are many ways I could start today’s “jobs Friday” post-mortem – which in hindsight, may serve as the final dagger in the heart of U.S. “recovery” propagandists. Of course, said “recovery” never was – with the only way the Fed has been able to pretend otherwise […]

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IRS Forces U.S. Citizens To Pay A Percentage Of Their Taxes To The Queen Of The British Deep State

Americans pay a percentage of their taxes to the Queen of England via the IRS. The IRS is not an agency of the Federal Government. It is an agency of the International Monetary Fund which is an agency of the United Nations. No law has ever been passed legalizing the charging of income tax. The 1040 […]

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