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France Breaks Even: France Bans Monsanto GMOs: France Looses 2,300 Tubes Of Deadly SARS From High Security Lab At Paris Pasteur Institute!

April 18, 2014

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The French National Assembly has made a sweeping declaration with a new bill, effective immediately. No more genetically modified crops. On Tuesday, the French lower house of parliament adopted a law immediately banning cultivation of any GMO corn, due to environmental safety concerns. Recently, they also made a halt decree to prohibit planting the only […]

Russia Completely Bans Monsanto GMOs: China Bans Monsanto GMOs!

April 16, 2014

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Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently announced that Russia will no longer import GMO products, stating that the nation has enough space, and enough resources to produce organic food. “If the Americans like to eat GMO products, let them eat it then. We don’t need to do that; we have enough space and opportunities to produce […]

Zionist David De Rothschild’s World Jewish Congress Meeting In Paris: IS Pure Bullshit Propaganda!

April 3, 2014

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British Landmark Case ~ Rothschild Zionism Is Not Abrahamic Judaism’s Jew!! The World Jewish Congress (WJC) held its biannual board of directors meeting in Paris on March 31, 2014. The Council consists of 49 members, plus the representative of the United States, Ambassador Ira Forman, in charge of the fight against anti-Semitism. It includes two French […]

Corporate Tricks Against U.S. Citizens: Aspartame Renamed – AMINOSWEET – Now Marketed As A ‘Natural’ Sweetener!

March 28, 2014

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WARNING! Read labels before buying foods with the name Phenylalanine. I will go one step further — if you need to bring along a chemistry book to the store in order to understand the ingredients on the labels — DO NOT BUY IT! Aspartame, the artificial sweetener linked to cancer, heart palpitations, seizures, weight gain […]

Our Special Today Is Obama Corn Chowder With Agent Orange: Lymphoma & Snuff Soup.

February 5, 2014


Remember Agent Orange? The US Army sprayed it all over Vietnam. It defoliated (destroyed) plant growth and brought on cancers and birth defects. One of its significant ingredients was a chemical called 2.4-D. Well, the US Dept. of Agriculture has cleared the way for brand new Dow GMO corn and soy crops. They are engineered […]

GMO’s Deadly Facts: The Rothschild Cabal’s Audacity To Depopulate ~ Minimize Blowback From The World’s Citizens For Wealth Distribution To ‘THEIR’ NWO Vaults.

January 22, 2014


Genetic Roulette – The Gamble of Our Lives has won the 2012 Movie of the Year by the Solari Report and the Top Transformational Film of 2012 by AwareGuide! Never-Before-Seen-Evidence points to genetically engineered foods as a major contributor to rising disease rates in the US population, especially among children. Gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, inflammatory diseases, and […]

China Rescues Global Warmists Trapped In Antarctic Ice ~ China Rejects 60,000 Tons Of Monsanto Poisoned Corn Shipments.

January 3, 2014


Fifty-two members of the global warming expedition which has been ice-bound off Antarctica since Christmas Eve have been airlifted to safety by a Chinese helicopter. - The holiday spectacle of feckless warmists on ice should prove a lasting image.  It distracted from the annual warming campaign of getting the media to label the year gone […]

Enough Of The Greed Insanity: Don’t Let the FDA aka; Fascist Deception Agency Attempt To Destroy Natural God Given Foods Known As Organics!

November 14, 2013

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Right now former Monsanto super lobbyist Michael Taylor is busy crafting new food safety rules at the FDA that could drive tens of thousands of America’s small, local and organic family farmers out of business. That’s right, Michael Taylor, the former Monsanto lawyer who crafted the FDA’s 1992 policy that won’t allow GMO labeling in the […]

Do You Know What Day It Is? ~ Remember, Remember The 5th Of November – Anonymous World Action!

November 4, 2013

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First of all please know that this is not a Protest!!!! …This is a Citizen Action. Is the New World Order crumbling before our eyes? Are people everywhere rising up against the Banking Cabal’s Fascism? This Tuesday, November the 5th, rallies will be held around the world unmasking the global totalitarian state. Anonymous has planned […]

Urgent => Stop GMO Fascism In Hawaii.

October 15, 2013

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For the past several months an important battle has been heating up on the paradise islands regarding pesticides and experimental GMOs that could impact our collective future. Today the Kaua’i City Council could vote on common sense “Right to Know” legislation – Bill 2491 – that puts public health ahead of biotech profits by limiting […]

U.S. Can Learn From Cyprus Environment Commissioner: National Launching Of GMO-Free Zone Campaign

October 10, 2013

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Cyprus environment commissioner Loanna Panayiotou has launched a campaign for the country to ban genetically modified organisms. For full information in Greek on this story please visit: Campaign objectives are: Declaring the Cyprus country free from genetically modified organisms. To promote, expand and strengthen the cultivation of fodder crops suitable for animal feed are free from […]

Stop the Monsanto Protection Act: Take Action ~ Sign Petition

September 16, 2013

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This week the House could pass a Continuing Resolution (H.J.RES.59) that contains the same Monsanto Protection Act that it passed last spring! While the previous continuing resolution was scheduled to expire on September 30th, the new resolution contains the exact same language that offers Monsanto and their GMO crops protection from judicial oversight and forces […]

800 Scientists Demand The End To Global GMO “Experiment”.

September 2, 2013

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Did you hear about the 800 esteemed scientists who came together and demanded the production of genetically modified crops and products be stopped? Scientists who called on world powers to re-evaluate the future of agriculture and seek sustainability rather than corporate profits? Don’t be surprised if you haven’t, as the mainstream media won’t touch this one. Eight-hundred scientists […]

List Of 400 Food Companies That Will Not Allow GMO Poisoning: Support & Watch Closely For Any Changes!

July 15, 2013

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Over 400 companies that aren’t using GMOs in their products If you want to keep eating poison food, you can join the ‘scientists’ who keep spewing Monsanto-funded lies. They are telling us that genetically altered crops are good for us and the environment – that they are, in fact, a necessity to feed the world […]

Americans Fighting Back Against GMO Eco-Terrorism: Basel III GMO Poisoned Beets In Oregon Destroyed!

June 29, 2013

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The Linguistic Charade Is The NWO Sword For Depopulation By The Elite Who Control Your Paychecks Until You Too Are Gone As A Free American! Federal investigators are asking the public to help solve middle-of-the-night crimes that left ruined fields of genetically engineered sugar beets in rural Jackson County. The crop destruction took place over […]

Rothschild’s Banking Cabal Monsanto Conspiracy ~ Exposed & Over: Extreme Toxicity Of Roundup Destroys “Justification Propaganda” For GMOs!

June 25, 2013

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DEADLY LYING TO THE UNITED STATES PUBLIC! Eco~Terrorism By Biological Toxins! If Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide were actually ‘safer than table salt’ as they once advertised, the consumption of GM food wouldn’t be nearly as controversial. The truth, however, is that virtually all GM food today contains residues of this toxic chemical, which disproves that GM […]

800 Man Mercenary Force Heads To The Middle East: Former CIA Blackwater CEO Billionaire Erik Prince Hires Colombian Military Troops!

June 14, 2013

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Colombia’s defense ministry is alarmed about an exodus of top soldiers to the United Arab Emirates to join a highly paid U.S.-led mercenary force organized by Erik Prince, billionaire founder of the infamous security firm Blackwater. Egyptian Citizens At Work Wiping Out Obama’s Political Muslim Brotherhood ~ Ariel Video: 638 Killed 4,000 Injured, Day of […]

Obama Still Goes Free: Obama Spends U.S. Taxpayer Dollars Surrogating Deadly Monsanto GMOs To Other Countries.

June 7, 2013

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(NaturalNews) Not content to allow Monsanto to poison Americans, the U.S. government is using your tax dollars to promote the bio-ag giant’s genetically modified food crops overseas as well, according to a new report. Reuters says tax dollars are going to pay for overseas lobbying which promotes use of controversial biotech crops that have been developed […]

South Korea & Japan Shuts Down U.S. Monsanto Toxic Wheat Imports!

June 1, 2013

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The global Monsanto genetically modified wheat scandal is getting worse. As a reminder, recently news broke out that a rogue genetically modified strain of wheat developed by Monsanto, had been found in an Oregon field late last month. But while modified food has long been a diet staple, this particular breed was the first discovery […]

President Putin Cracks Down On Rothschild Goons John Kerry & Barry Soetoro: Monsanto’s “Bee Apocalypse”.

May 30, 2013

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The shocking minutes relating to President Putin’s meeting this past week with [Rothschild Goon] US Secretary of State John Kerry reveal the Russian leaders “extreme outrage” over the [Rothschild Goon] Obama regimes continued protection of global seed and plant bio-genetic giants Syngenta and Monsanto in the face of a growing “bee apocalypse” that the Kremlin […]

New Zealand’s Food And Environment Is GMO Free: Petition For Continued Moratorium On GMOs!

May 23, 2013

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GMO ~ The Day After: The Svalbard Global Seed Vault Norway! All New Zealand fruit, vegetables, seafood, top-quality meat and dairy are free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO-free) Let’s keep our food natural! Please ask the Prime Minister: – to commit to continue protecting our environment and exports from GMO’s, and – to continue the moritorium on release […]

Take Action: Repeal the Monsanto Protection Act!

May 20, 2013

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This week, an amendment to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act could be introduced in Congress by Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) during the farm bill debate and we need your help to make sure this blatant corporate handout is no longer law. GMO Monsanto Infested With Fraudulent Inside Trading By Corrupt Scientists! Killer Cults: Obama USA & […]

The Real Story Behind the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

May 10, 2013

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Barack Obama’s signing of ‘The Monsanto Protection Act’, or H.R. 933 is really only small part of a much bigger pattern and corruption and collusion between Monsanto and the U.S. government. Financial Survival Network March Against Monsanto!! AIDS Part Deux: Rewritten In Truth! President Putin Cracks Down On Rothschild Goons John Kerry & Barry Soetoro: Monsanto’s […]

Update On West/Waco Texas Fertilizer Plant Missile/Laser Strike: Government Motives To Destroy It With A Missile!

April 27, 2013

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There’s been a great deal of feedback on my previous article discussing how video footage captured of the West Texas fertilizer plant explosion shows what looks to be a missile strike. People seem to have mixed opinions on what happened and that is understandable. We are not all going to 100% agree on everything and […]

Monsanto Waco Missile Strike For Vermont? Monsanto Threatens To Sue Vermont If It Passes Transparent GMO Labeling Bill.

April 22, 2013

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Analysis Finds Monsanto’s GM Corn Nutritionally Dead, Highly Toxic Despite overwhelming public support, Vermont legislators are dragging their feet on a proposed GMO labeling bill. Why? Because Monsanto has threatened to sue the state if it passes. State Of Vermont To Obama Feds: BACK OFF ~ The Federal Courts Have No Jurisdiction To Overrule The PEOPLE! […]

U.S. Corporate Media Blackout On Waco Missile Attack: Corporate “Act Of Terror” Leaves 14 Dead!

April 21, 2013

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Waco Texas Fertilizer Company Hit By Drone/Laser Strike After Lawsuit Filed Against Monsanto! The airwaves are still blanketed with coverage of the Boston bombings, with some in the media morbidly displaying pictures of the young suspects, battered, bloodied, dead and hurt. There was dancing in the streets simultaneous with the capture of the second alleged teen […]

Waco Texas Fertilizer Company Hit By Drone/Laser Strike After Lawsuit Filed Against Monsanto!

April 20, 2013

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Live CNN Waco Attack Claims 14 Lives; 9 Were First Responders. President Putin Cracks Down On Rothschild Goons John Kerry & Barry Soetoro: Monsanto’s “Bee Apocalypse”. Update April 27, 2013 On West/Waco Texas Fertilizer Plant Missile/Laser Strike: Government Motives To Destroy It With A Missile! I Day Before Boston Bomb & Texas Missile Attack: CIA, Bill […]

Barry Soetoro aka; Obama Streamlines Killer Monsanto Through Canadian Border: Monsanto People Killer!

April 17, 2013

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De-Populate! *Consumers Be Wary of any warnings coming from the FDA these days*  U.S.-Canada agreement beyond just borders, ‘streamlines and harmonizes’ food and auto regulations under UNCONSTITUTIONAL North American Union corporate agenda. Canadian officials ‘secretive’ on North American perimeter security agreement Deadbeat Senator Barbara Mikulski Snuck Deadly Monsanto Rider In 2013 Budget Resolution: An Illegal Act In Congress! Banker’s […]

Deadbeat Senator Barbara Mikulski Snuck Deadly Monsanto Rider In 2013 Budget Resolution: An Illegal Act In Congress!

March 23, 2013

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Contact Her: Sign Enclosed Petition: The deadly Monsanto Rider has passed as part of the 2013 Continuing Resolution, which funds the government through September. This sneaky addition to the bill is a major victory for the biotech food industry. It strips federal courts of their power to restrict the planting and sale of genetically modified seeds even if they find they should not be […]

Monsanto Has Been Removed And Banned By: Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Madeira, New Zealand, Peru, South Australia, Russia, France, and Switzerland!

March 23, 2013

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(NaturalNews) By now, most of us are aware of the GMO problem and the political corruption akin to it. Monsanto claims that GMOs are safe. This was the same comment made by the tobacco companies back in the 40s and early 50s regarding cigarette smoking. Roulette Reid Behind Treasonous Assault On Bundy Ranch: Destined For […]

Big Milk & Big Dairy To Add Monsanto’s Aspartame!

March 12, 2013

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Peddling Monsanto Poison To Our Most Innocent Our Children: Michelle Obama’s 2nd-Term Agenda ~ Impact Nature of Food With Monsanto!

December 31, 2012

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( – Asked by Parade magazine, “What do you hope to accomplish in your second term?” First Lady Michelle Obama said she wants to “impact the nature of food in grocery stores” with the aim of cutting sugar, fat and salt. Killer Cults: Obama USA & Harper Canada ~ Deregulates International Borders For Streamlining Monsanto […]

CDC Violates Its Duty To The People ~ Big Pharma Vaccine Hoax Exposed: 30 Years Of Coverup To Abscond Money From The Public!

December 15, 2012

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Freedom of Information Act in the UK filed by a doctor there has revealed 30 years of secret official documents showing that government experts have:

GMO Monsanto Infested With Fraudulent Inside Trading By Corrupt Scientists!

November 26, 2012

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The lead researcher behind the monumental study that linked Monsanto’s GMOs and best-selling herbicide Roundup to tumor development and early death is now blowing the whistle on many corporate scientists who are not just close to Monsanto and profit-harvesting GMO crops — many of them actually have or are seeking their own GMO patents.

Monsanto Found Guilty In France For Chemical Poisoning: French Court Rules Against Monsanto.

November 20, 2012

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 French court rules against Monsanto in a groundbreaking, chemical poisoning case: Monsanto Guilty! And this time it’s not a public verdict, it’s a legal verdict! Is this possible? Well, you can see for yourself. Monsanto Declared Worst Company of 2011


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