China Bans Monsanto GMOs: No Shangri-La For Bill Gates ~ Senator Daines

Daines Montana GMO

BILLINGS MT — A controversial bill that would likely keep genetically modified ingredients from being listed on food packaging has [allegedly] divided Montana’s U.S. senators.

Democratic Sen. Jon Tester, the Senate’s only farmer, blasted his peers Wednesday for crafting a federal bill that makes it difficult for consumers to know what they’re eating. He also called the bill a threat to independent farms.

Plants with DNA altered by genes from other plants or animals are genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. The biotechnology is most commonly used to create resistance to herbicides or disease.

Syngenta, a Swiss-based agribusiness, has been accused of attempting to commercialize a GMO corn seed product that had not been approved for sale in China. According to Syngenta GMO Corn Seed lawsuits filed by Cargill, Inc. and Trans Coastal Supply Co., Syngenta did not practice responsible stewardship and cost the U.S. agriculture community significant damages when it began commercializing Agrisure Viptera seed (also known as MIR 162)

“Syngenta’s continued release, promotion and sale of Viptera has resulted in the contamination of the Cargill Plaintiff’s corn,” the Cargill complaint charges. “Given the prevalence of crops grown from the Viptera seed in the U.S. corn supply, the Cargill Plaintiffs can no longer sell U.S.-grown corn to China.”

According to a report published by The Wall Street Journal in September 2014, China’s government has rejected more than one million metric tons of corn meant for export to that country. U.S. corn shipments in the first seven months of 2014 were down 85% from the same period in 2013. Corn prices have plunged nearly 60% from their 2012 peak, a result of record production coupled by the lack of export demand. Syngenta GMO Corn Seed Lawsuit

Tester’s positon was opposite that of Montana [corporate] farmers and [corporate] researchers who see merit in GMO sugar beets and corn modified to survive exposure to weed killers like the Monsanto herbicide Roundup and 2, 4-D Amine. Those [corporate] farmers rallied around Republican Sen. Steve Daines.

[The purpose of Monsanto herbicide GMOs is for corporations to turn a buck. The GMO herbicidal bioteched plant was created to preclude the use of exterior herbicides in the first place ~ to suggest it was created to ‘survive’ exterior herbicide is illogical. Either way ~ Monsanto poison is all over our NATURAL Food Chain ~ inside and out!]

Gates Monsanto

Bill Gates Refuses To Answer Question On Why He Owns 500,000 Shares Of Monsanto

The bill makes it optional for food wrappers to list genetically modified ingredients, but does require that a toll-free telephone number or scan code be published so shoppers can track down the ingredients with their smartphones.












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Tester said it was absurd to think that a shopper with children in tow would have time to scan food wrappers with a smartphone in order to be redirected to a website where GMO ingredients could be found.

And if the grocery store had poor cellphone reception, no information would be obtained, he said.

“Hiding basic information behind bar codes and 800 numbers is totally unacceptable. The United States Senate should not be in the business of hiding information from consumers,” Tester said.

“When I grew up, I was told that consumers were always right. We should be empowering those consumers, those American consumers, with more information about the food they purchase, not with less.

Don’t take it from me, 9 out of 10 consumers say they want labeling required for GMO food. What’s the problem with that? It’s already done in 64 countries.”

The problem, say the bill’s supporters, is that there’s no proof that genetically modified crops are any different than those that aren’t modified.

Sugar from beets modified to withstand sprayings of Roundup herbicide contain nothing that would identify the beet’s GMO traits.

Soybean oil and corn syrup also have been proven safe to eat. Without a legitimate GMO health concern to warn consumers about, proponents say identifying the ingredients unfairly scares shoppers away from GMOs.

There are at least five different genetically modified crops raised on Montana farms; sugar beets, corn, canola, alfalfa and soybeans. The sugar beet industry contributes about $70 million a year to the Montana economy with 45,000 farm acres and sugar factories in Billings and Sidney.

States like Vermont, Washington and California have considered their own GMO labeling laws in the absence of federal policy. Vermont has a labeling law that starts in 2017. A major reason for the federal law now being debated is that it would prevent individual states from acting independently.


States Can Easily Nullify Federal Over Reach

The Senate labeling bill is considered a compromise between consumer groups worried about GMOs and [GMO] agribusiness friendly [corporate] lawmakers who oppose all [Monsanto] GMO labeling

Genetic Roulette -The Movie

[The Real Battle is that GMO’s are poisonous and should NOT be allowed into our agricultural soil which further contaminates NATURAL Seeds, Kills Bees, & Other Wildlife.]

Montana Congressperson Steve Daines ~ Bozeman, Montana
Montana Congressperson Steve Daines ~ Bozeman, Montana ~ China Refuses 60,000 Tons Of U.S. Monsanto GMO Poisoned Corn Putting Montana Farmers Out Of Work.

“There’s no reason that Vermont and Bernie Sanders should dictate our way of life in Montana,” Daines said.

“In fact this compromise that I voted for today will protect Montana jobs, prevent baseless discrimination against Montana agricultural goods and it’s going to avoid higher prices in the grocery line.”

Daines Speech On The Senate Floor ~ Daines Argues Against The Public Being Informed About Bio-Dangerous GMOs Being contained or not contained in their Food while at the market place where products are sold for CURRENCY.

[In My Book Steve Daines Is Bio-Dangerous]

  1. Vermont’s Law is all about “Information Transparency”
  2. Corporatist Congressperson Steve Daines Says; “Vermont law is an attack on the heart of Montana’s way of life”
  3. One Must Conclude That “Information Transparency” is an attack against Montana
  4. Since Vermont Wants Their Citizens To Be Informed If Monsanto’s Bioteched GMOs Are Laced Into A Particular Food
  5. Montanans Therefore Must Conclude, Steve Daines Wants Montanans To Be Uninformed About A Food Product Containing Bioteched Oranisms

Wednesday’s vote limited discussion of the bill to 30 hours, setting up a vote as early as late Thursday.

Will Montana’s Corporate Stooge Steve Daines Also Push Brawndo To Water The Plants?

The American Sugar Beet Growers Association told The Gazette last week that their group and others dependent on [BIO-DANGEROUS GMOS] biotechnology demanded compromise bill.

The alternative was dealing with a patchwork of individual state labeling laws, which would have been costly. [THEY THEN SHOULD NOT BE IN THE BUSINESS OF ALTERING NATURAL FOODS]

Montana organic producers told The Gazette they were ambivalent about the compromise proposal’s effect on their businesses, mostly because certified organic labeling is an established marketing tool.

They weren’t certain consumers would be helped by the Senate’s plan.

tomato gmo

Tester said there was plenty for organic farmers to be concerned about, including bill language that would allow GMO corn and GMO soybeans to be considered organic if they were grown under the right conditions.

The easy answer Tester said, was to list GMO ingredients on food wrappers and let consumers decide whether the food was worth buying.


Even Jon Tester Is Bio-Dangerous When It Comes to safety

“I’m not asking for a skull and crossbones on the package. This isn’t about safety, or health of these products.

Obama Signs Monsanto

It’s about transparency, it’s about the public’s right to know, it’s about putting families before corporations, it’s about valuing consumers’ right to know over lobbyists and their slick suits and their influence here.

They’re denying consumers an easy-to-read national GM standard. Why? They’re denying people the information they need to know to make the best decision for their family. It makes no sense to me.”

Independent Record


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