Harry Reid’s Acorn Executive Guilty Of Illegal Voter Conspiracy: Three Years Probation And A $500 Fine

Christopher Edwards, a former Nevada ACORN executive, received a sentence of three years probation and a $500 fine today for his role in an illegal voter registration conspiracy, the Las Vegas Sun reports.


In August the former ACORN field director pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit a crime of compensation for registration of voters. The newspaper reported

The attorney general’s office said Edwards organized and operated a quota system called “blackjack” or “21+” through which the group paid canvassers based on the number of voter registration cards they collected each day.

The canvassers were to gather at least 20 completed cards daily and anyone who turned in 21 or more would be given an extra $5.

Edwards has agreed to testify against Amy Busefink, a former regional director for ACORN who allegedly participated in the scheme.

ACORN the group is also charged in the case. The trial is scheduled for April 19 next year.

Meanwhile, lawyer Chris Berg wonders why there is no serious investigation of ACORN happening at the federal level.



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