Karl Rove “Bitch Slaps” Obama On Today Show

Matt Lauer always seems as if he is the emptiest of empty suits, and today was no different.Former George W Bush adviser Karl Rove appeared on the Today Show this morning, and Lauer looked kind of confused as he read of the list of questions probably written by the White House. He began by telling his liberal viewers that Rove was a right wing nut, or as Matt called him “a Fox News contributor”. The guy is one of the most successful political strategists in our lifetime, but to Matt and his puppeteers he is simply a a Fox News contributor.Matt tried his damnedest to try to get Rove to back up the Obama line that the Afghanistan problems are all Bush’s fault. Instead of agreeing the former White House adviser struck back, slamming the POTUS for being an absentee Senator when Afghanistan was discussed, even though he was Chairman of the NATO Oversight Committee. Poor Matt, he was probably sent to bed without his milk and cookies by his boss and friend of Obama, GE Chairman, Jeffrey Immelt.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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