Senators/Representatives Not Allowed To Read Socialism’s Health Rationing Bill: Enemies Of The United States!

Why is the Senate rushing to pass their mammoth health care takeover plan before Christmas and before anyone has had time to read it? Because they don’t want any of us to know what’s in it!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid bought off support for his 2,000+ page health care takeover bill, and apparently will pass the $2.5 trillion ObamaCare plan through the Senate with a vote planned for Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile, instead of shining the light of truth on this socialist experiment, the left-wing media are applying a full-court press to sell ObamaCare. They swoon over Reid and Obama, while ignoring or marginalizing those who oppose a government takeover of health care that will gut Medicare and bankrupt our country.

Why the rush? What happened to the promise of transparency? We have a right to know the dirty details hidden in this bill before the Senate votes.

These are questions the so-called “news” media should be asking as they aggressively turn over every rock and shine a penetrating light into every nook and crevice of this monstrosity of a health care plan …

But no, the headlines and news stories vilify the opposition for using “delay tactics” while heroic liberals “race against the clock” to pass this “historic” legislation.

Don’t buy the media spin and lies!

The time is NOW for citizens to collectively rise up and demand the media report the real truth about health care “reform” plans that will almost assuredly destroy our quality of care, provide federal funding of abortion, and take our economy to the very brink of destruction!

The Media Research Center is calling on ALL Action team members to take immediate action in two very important ways:

+ + Action Item 1: Alert Your Friends

Please forward this important message to 30-40 friends urging them to click here and add their names to our petition demanding the media report the truth about ObamaCare.

ObamaCare stands to affect every American, young or old. That is why it’s imperative that millions of Americans make themselves heard right now, and why we need your help in rallying and mobilizing tens of thousands more citizens!

Right now the MRC is finalizing a last-minute petition delivery to the major news outlets — calling them out and demanding they report the truth in this health care debacle!

A just-released Zogby poll measured the public’s outrage at the “railroading” of Senate Majority Leader Reid’s health care bill. An astounding 84 percent of Americans believe the bill was crafted to be so long so that earmarks and other nefarious details could be hidden and voted on before the public has a chance to see them. This whole process has been disgraceful!

+ + Action Item 2: Call Your Senators

Call your Montana Senators and demand they read this bill before they vote on it.

Again, the American taxpayers and our children are on the hook for ObamaCare. We are the ones who will be forced to enroll in this plan. We are the ones who will lose our right to make our own personal and private health care decisions. We are the ones who will watch helplessly as the federal government absorbs another one-sixth of the U.S. economy.

We are the ones–along with our children and grandchildren–who will be forced to pay for this monstrosity!

We have the right to know what is in this bill and we expect our lawmakers to read it before they vote on it!

Thank you for standing with the MRC.

David Martin

P.S. Again, forward this message to 30-40 friends urging them to click here and sign our petition demanding the media report the truth about ObamaCare.

+ + Help us reach our $30,000 fundraising goal, so we can maintain our frontline position in the battle to fight liberal media bias and preserve Free Speech Rights. Click here to make your best tax-deductible gift today.

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