Complete Asshole, Max Baucus Sedating A Troubled Conscience: The Audacity Of Drunken Behavior On The Senate Floor

Are you unable to comprehend just how ObamaCare managed to squeak through the Senate, that august body of deep thinkers and sober reflectors?

A clue may in the offing in the video which shows Democrat Max Baucus apparently snockered to the gills while extolling the virtues of commie health care on the floor of the Senate:

What a pity that the good Senator will have no recollection whatsoever of this impassioned plea. Unless, that is, we send him about one million e-mails with said youtube dilly attached.

The Baucus fiasco brings up a pet peeve of mine. Namely, why is it that every time a politician gets in trouble these days, he immediately pleads alcoholism and or drug addiction, enters a rehabilitation center, prays to God and family for forgiveness, and demands to be coddled like a helpless baby for years to come?

Although Baucus has not played the alcoholic card yet, he surely will, soon enough. He may even use his addiction to booze as an excuse when ObamaCare explodes into chaos, which should be sometime before the State of the Union.

Baucus’ case brings up a pressing question for the times: Where are all the honorable miscreants, the tough guys who quit drinking and using only when forced to as a result of slipping into in a substance-induced coma or blackout.

I am speaking of the salt of the earth types who think that “12-steps” is a field sobriety test administered by Smokey to see if one can walk twelve full steps, on his or her own, in a straight trajectory without losing consciousness.

I refer to those rugged individualists whose sole purpose in entering a rehabilitation center would be to transact underground, tax-free, business with addicts confined there.

By contrast, politicians like Max Baucus use rehabilitation centers as quasi-religious sanctuaries to buy enough time for their aberrant behaviors to be replaced as “Breaking News” items with more current offenses.

May we suggest a new Step 1 for the Senator? Resign your senate seat immediately. Do it for the children!


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