Voter confidence in putative president plunges

The confidence Americans place in President Obama is plunging, with only 43 percent now agreeing they would vote for him if the presidential election were held next month.

The poll by Zogby International revealed that fully half of the respondents believe it’s now time for “Someone Else” to be president.

The poll was commissioned by “The O’Leary Report” political newsletter, published by Brad O’Leary. He also is the author of “The Audacity of Deceit” and “Shut Up, America.”

The Jan. 19-21 poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points. It asked questions of 2,377 voters.

The poll asked: “If the presidential elections were held next month, would you vote to re-elect President Obama or would it be time for someone new in the White House?”

Forty-three percent of the voters said they would vote to re-elect Obama and 50 percent responded it is time for someone new to be president. With fractions rounded up to the next number, some 8 percent said they didn’t know.

The full poll results, posted at the O’Leary Report website, revealed that among independent voters, only 30 percent would choose Obama at this point and 60 percent say they instead would pick someone new.

Ten percent were not sure.

The division was about the same among small business owners, with 34 percent confirming they would choose Obama again and 58 percent saying it is time now for someone else.

“Someone Else” was the favorite choice among all age groups and for those who live in small cities or rural areas. Even among those from major metroplexes, only a fraction of a point above 50 percent said they would choose Obama again.

Pluralities in all four regions – East, South, Great Lakes and West – said they liked “Someone Else” over Obama, and a full 20 percent of Democrats said they would pick a candidate other than Obama or were not sure.

The only income level that favored Obama was the under-$25,000 group.

The results indicated a further drop in the president’s popularity. Another poll released about a week earlier had confirmed while 44.3 percent of voters said they would choose Obama again, another 45.1 percent said they would choose an unspecified “Someone Else.’

That same poll revealed only 51 percent of the voters even believe Obama is eligible to hold the office.


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