Obama Left Wing Progressives Being Sought For Brutal Beating Of Couple After Attending A GOP Dinner!


The leftist thugs beat them bloody after the Southern Republican Leadership Dinner last Friday night. Allee Bautsch’s leg was severely broken after she stepped in to try to break up the attack on her boyfriend.

Allee Bautsch suffered a broken leg from the beatdown outside to the SRLC dinner at Brennan’s Restaurant in New Orleans. She had her leg operated on over the weekend and it will take her months to recover. Her boyfriend Joe Brown suffered a broken nose, a broken jaw, and a concussion. They were attacked after leaving the Southern Republican Leadership Conference dinner at Brennan’s Restaurant.
(Photo from Jindal’s Facebook Page via The Hayride)
NOLA.com is reporting:

report on Yahoo! News says an attack last Friday that left Gov. Bobby Jindal’s campaign finance director with a broken leg and her boyfriend with a concussion and broken nose may have been politically motivated.

The report quotes a friend of Alle Bautsch, who was injured in the altercation in the 600 block of St. Louis Street about 10:45 p.m. Friday. Bautsch and her boy friend Joe Brown were leaving a fund-raiser in the French Quarter for the Louisiana Republican Party when they became involved in an altercation with three to five men. Jindal had been at the event, but was not present at the time of the incident.

Yahoo! News spoke to a friend of Allee Bautsch who’s been in communication with her since the attack. The friend, who declined to be named because the attackers are still at large, described the group who descended on Bautsch and Brown as “some weird Bobby Jindal protesters” there in opposition to the state’s governor. The friend confirmed the earlier reports that Bautsch “got caught in the middle” of the altercation as she tried to break it up. Bautsch’s friend also reported that she’s in “loads of pain” with “rods in her leg and ankle,” but that she was also “released yesterday from the hospital and is resting at her home in Baton Rouge.”

There has been widespread speculation that the three to five men who injured Bautsch and Brown were part of a group of protesters that had been outside the fund-raiser earlier, although a Jindal spokesman and others have said the protesters had departed by the time the couple left the event.

GOP Official & Boyfriend Savagely Beaten In Politically Motivated Attack – Including Broken Leg, Jaw, Concussion… Media Silent
Police Release Description of Allee Bautsch Attacker; Video Shows Republicans Threatened

UPDATE: Another police report was released today. The report states that they were followed after leaving the restaurant until they were attacked. The report alsostates that several leftist protesters were still in the area.

Shortly before 10:30 p.m., Mr. Brown and Ms. Bautsch left the restaurant and began walking towards St. Louis Street. Mr. Brown noted there were several protestors loitering in the area, but not nearly the number which had been present earlier. Soon after leaving the restaurant he heard “cat calls.” At an unknown point within the 400 block of Royal Street, both Mr. Brown and Ms. Bautsch then crossed from the Brennan’s side of the street to the Supreme Court side of the street.

They continued to walk towards St. Louis when Mr. Brown began to hear people behind him scream obscenities. Initially he was not sure if they were being directed at him and his girlfriend, of if they were simply the outbursts of drunken revelers.

As they neared the intersection, Mr. Brown state he heard subjects state things such as “Little blonde bitch,” “You’re a f——- faggot,” and“You think you’re f—— special.”

At this point, Mr. Brown realized these derogatory terms were being directed at Ms. Bautsch and him. He then requested she begin to walk faster toward the Omni-Royal hotel located at the intersection of St. Louis and Royal.

Mr. Brown also recalled the farther they got from the restaurant, the closer these subjects got to them. When they reached the corner of St. Louis and Royal, Mr. Brown and his date turned south on St. Louis.

It was at this time that one of the subjects pushed him into the iron gate that surround the State Supreme Court (building). He then fell to the ground, and one of the attackers got on top of him and began to attack him. Mr. Brown stated as he was pushed to the ground, Ms. Bautsch was also either pushed down or fell down near where he was. As he fought to get his attacker off of him, he heard his girlfriend cry out in pain. She then repeatedly stated, “Oh my god, my leg is broken.”

All of the attackers then ran away in an unknown direction.

For the record… The police released a description of the attackers earlier in the week:

One of the suspects was described as a Caucasian male who appeared to be dirty, in his 20’s, 6′1″ tall, thin build with a thin face. He had abeard and auburn color hair in a pony tail. He was wearing a light color T shirt and dark color pants.

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