Genocide In Mexico : 22,700 Murders In Three-Year Period, Since Drugs Were Decriminalized!!

Mexican Genocide – 22,700 Murdered Since 2007

MEXICO CITY — As the death toll has climbed from drug-related violence in Mexico, it’s fallen largely to newspapers to keep the count.

Two weeks ago, a government report that legislators leaked spoke of 22,700 deaths over little more than a three-year period, a far higher body count than the 18,000 or so given by El Universal, a leading newspaper.

President Felipe Calderon’s aides won’t confirm the report, and some political analysts have seized on the lack of transparency as an element in the Mexican leader’s difficulties in rallying the nation in the campaign against heavily armed narcotics syndicates…

Immediately after Calderon came to office in late 2006, he deployed up to 50,000 troops in a frontal battle with narcotics cartels, a move that drew widespread praise for its courage. More than three years later, the pace of killings is soaring and public security worries are beginning to affect the tourism industry, which employs nearly one out of eight Mexicans

How is this possible? Even though our watchdog media barely reported it, Mexico legalized the personal use of such ‘harmless drugs’ as marijuana, LSD, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and crystal meth almost a year ago.

And, in point of fact, these drugs have been decriminalized in Mexico for several years. From the archives of the Associated Press

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Mexico Drugs
Mexico Drugs
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