BREAKING : Obama’s Stolen Social Security Numbers!

The information for this video was taken from the lawsuit filed with the federal district court of Columbus GA in the matter of the Army major seeking proof of Obama’s eligibility to serve as president. The private investigator hired by the attorney in the case discovered that Obama may have used up to 149 different addresses and 39 different social security numbers prior to becoming president. This video has nothing to do with whether Mr Obama is black, white, pink, yellow, purple or green. It has to do with his total refusal to provide not only satisfactory proof of fulfilling the Constitutional requirements of citizenship, but also not providing any college or university records, passports, Illinois legislative records, U.S.senate records, medical records…etc..etc.. We essentially know nothing about this man other than he is a “community organizer” and has been involved in Chicago politics and has associated with a laundry list of less than wholesome characters.

Obama Born Again? 2 1/2 Years Of Deception & A $2.8 Million Law Tab In Blocking Eligibility Lawsuits! But Wait, Why Did Barry Lie On His 2004 Senate Papers?

Reflection Back In Time!

Trilateral Commission From (N. America, Japan, & Europe – Non Elected Self Appointed Rich Assholes) are part of The Bilderbergs (Non -Elected Rich Banking Cartels).

Bilderbergs want to do away with Nation States (that protect their citizens) and in their place use Banking Cartel Rule —> British Imperialism. This would put us back to being governed by a bunch of inbreed, slack jawed eugenicists, known as the King/Queen Of England! POINT OF INTEREST** Study Why England Made Their Streets So Narrow. This is why we left England and started The United States In The First Place!!! But this time, they want no competition from other nation states, so they are doing it globally via ‘Global Warming Scheme’ / War With Iran (Who Does Not Cow Tow To Britain) / H1N1 Big Pharma Scheme, To Centralize Money via Inoculation costs / British Operatives In Congress via Soros, To Block All Attempts By America To Produce Their Own Oil / British Banking Cartel Using Islamic Fascists As Mercenaries Inside America (to cause chaos against Christianity/Constitution) / Clinton Allowing The Absconding Of Money From Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac To Indigent People (Housing Bubble) / The Printing Of Trillions USD To Subjugate America To Horrific Debt Load, Increasing Interests (On Our Bail Out Money),  And Taxes.

Rothschild Banking With Blood On Their Hands : United States At War With The British Monarchy!

Free Russia From The British Pirates Of The Caribbean!

BREAKING! British Operative Soetoro aka; obama Commits Sedition & Treason By Directly Bastardizing The United States Constitution : Threatens State Governors With Immediate Arrest For Constitutional Militias!

Remember Winter Of Red Snow! – Who Amongst Us Would Not Continue Against Corrupt Britain Who Puppets Obama?

Democrats aka; Rothschild British Operatives : Being Removed Legally From Office!

George Washington’s Farewell Address 1796!

Dr. Alan Keyes : United States Immigration Laws Are For Everyone!

Banking Cartel’s New Las Vegas – Dubai : Their Milk Money? – The United States!

Barry Soetoro aka; obama : Celebrating Ramadan The Whole Year Thru – Islamic Pedophile Mass Wedding For 450 Couples Courtesy Of Hamas In Gaza – Pedophilia Marriages Proves Fatal To 13 Year Old Child Bride.

What Ended The Ice Age? Global Warming And There Were No People There – Also, Obama’s Welfare State!

Democrats Installed Present Day Fascist Regime In Iran!

Washington Subsidies Can’t Save Nuclear Power: Obama – Carter Colossal Failure.

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