Genesis Of The New World Order Plot By The British Monarchy!

ILLUMINATI, “we corrupt in order to rule.”


  1. Satan To Distance Self From Convicted Felon: George Soros Democrat Leadership! VIOLATES NUREMBERG PEACE PRINCIPLES

Roberto Garreton, a Chilean lawyer who for eight years was the U.N. special rapporteur in Congo, told The Associated Press that his first report detailing massacres by Kagame’s troops involved Hutus killed in Rwanda in 1994. He said the United Nations suppressed that report, apparently because of embarrassment and guilt that it did nothing to stop the genocide. The United Nations initially denied the existence of the report, which later was leaked.

Uncovering the graves could bring closure for the survivors.

“There can be no rest for people buried like that,” she said of the mass graves. “Giving a proper burial to my family also would put my heart at rest.”

Roman Catholic Online

Rwanda, Africa

Cursory Background:
In 1959, three years before independence, the majority ethnic group, the Hutus overthrew the ruling Tutsi king. Over the next several years thousands of Tutsis were killed, and some 150,000 driven into exile in neighboring countries.
The children of these exiles later formed a rebel group, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) and began a civil war in 1990.

The war, along with several political and economic upheavals, exacerbated ethnic tensions culminating in April 1994 in the genocide of roughly 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus.

The Tutsi rebels defeated the Hutu regime and ended the killing in July 1994, but approximately 2 million Hutu refugees – many fearing Tutsi retribution – fled to neighboring Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zaire, now called the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DROC). Since then most of the refugees have returned to Rwanda.
Despite substantial international assistance and political reforms – including Rwanda’s first local elections in March 1999 – the country continues to struggle to boost investment and agricultural output and to foster reconciliation. A series of massive population displacements, a nagging Hutu extremist insurgency, and Rwandan involvement in two wars over the past four years in the neighboring DROC continue to hinder Rwanda’s efforts.

Detailed History:
According to folklore, Tutsi (minority) cattle breeders began arriving in the area from the Horn of Africa in the 15th century and gradually subjugated the Hutu (majority) inhabitants.

The Tutsis established a There’s That Naughty Word –>monarchy headed by a mwami (king) and a feudal hierarchy of Tutsi nobles and gentry.

However, in some areas of the country, independent Hutu principalities continued to exist, and in other areas Tutsi and Hutu lineages lived in interdependent cooperation under the nominal control of the Tutsi king. Within the monarchy, through a contract known as ubuhake, the Hutu farmers pledged their services and those of their descendants to a Tutsi lord in return for the loan of cattle and use of pastures and arable land. <– Vlad II Of  Romania had to deal with the Muslim Sultan Mehmed II and his Islamic hordes to the south in the same fashion. Here’s another interesting note: Those who founded The United States Of America, were also subjugated into serfdom to the monarchy of Britain.

Thus, the Tutsi (minority) reduced the Hutus (majority) to virtual serfdom.



The Genesis For New World Order Scheme!

Lord Edmond Rothschild of London and Jacob H. Schiff of New York City, two of the Elders of Zion, got Theodore Herzl (of Austria) to arrange for the World Zionist Congress at Basel, Switzerland; 197 delegates met there and laid out a plan of World Conquest with plans for a World Government.


On advice of the Rothschilds the Belgian Government acquires the Belgian Congo/Zaire. Edward Sengier was sent there, to Elizabethtown. War, minerals and other reasons was mentioned later.

However, boundaries of race and class were somewhat fluid, with most rural Tutsis enjoying few advantages over the Hutu. The first European known to have visited Rwanda was German Count Von Goetzen in 1894. He was followed by missionaries, notably the “White Fathers.” In 1899, the mwami submitted to a German protectorate without resistance. Belgian troops from Zaire chased the small number of Germans out of Rwanda in 1915 and took control of the country. Zaire just to the west and adjacent to Rwanda has a population 6Xs that of Rwanda.

The Smoke Of The Self Appreciation Society -> The New World Order Gang, Exposing Themselves Through The Vessel Of (LeagueOf Nations Lated To Be The United Nations). The garbage put out by the U.N. gang that it was founded to stop wars, is fodder for the world’s sheep (you and me), in reality, starting wars is the axiom of The U.N controlled more and more by the monarchy of Britain.

  1. Queen Elizabeth II ~ The Snake Exposes Its Head!

After World War I, the League of Nations mandated Rwanda and its southern neighbor, Burundi, to Belgium as the territory of Ruanda-Urundi. Following World War II, Ruanda-Urundi became a UN Trust Territory with Belgium as the administrative authority. <– Similar to how Israel was established after World War II ~ We need to get rid of the U.N.

Reforms instituted by the Belgians in the 1950s encouraged the growth of democratic political institutions but were resisted by the Tutsi traditionalists who saw in them a threat to Tutsi rule. <– Well Duh, the U.N. has no business F%cking around with other people’s lives.

An increasingly restive Hutu population, encouraged by the Belgian military, sparked a revolt in November 1959, resulting in the overthrow of the Tutsi monarchy. <– I do agree with getting rid of oppressive monarchy’s, but see what happens when outside agencies step into/manipulate other people’s business? {There is NEVER natural internal closure}, the Party of the Hutu Emancipation Movement (PARMEHUTU) won an overwhelming victory in a UN-supervised referendum.

OBAMA COMMUNISM rothschildism


  1. The New World Order is “Communism”: Also Known As Rothschildism Or More Bluntly Robbery!

Africa, Venezuela, Israel were/are the NWOs training ground!

Here Eddie Izzard Speaks About The British Monarchy Taking Over India (who later btw ~ kicked them out, just like America did in 1776)

Yes The British Monarchy practices expansionism exactly like Islam and this is why below the airwaves, the monarchy and Islam collude together. They had to change their tactics after directly threatening Islam (India) so they practiced ~ ‘if you can’t beat them join them’ mentality ‘at least for now’.

During the 1959 revolt and its aftermath, more than 160,000 Tutsis fled to neighboring countries. The PARMEHUTU government, formed as a result of the September 1961 election, was granted internal autonomy by Belgium on January 1, 1962. A June 1962 UN General Assembly resolution terminated the Belgian trusteeship and granted full independence to Rwanda (and Burundi) effective July 1, 1962.<– I’m sure the Tutsis are not seething at all and have wonderful things to say about the Belgians and the manipulators of The U.N. ~ not hardly!

Gregoire Kayibanda, leader of the PARMEHUTU Party, became Rwanda’s first elected president, leading a one-party government chosen from the membership of the directly elected unicameral National Assembly. Peaceful negotiation of international problems, social and economic elevation of the masses, and integrated development of Rwanda were the ideals of the Kayibanda regime; in reality the Kayibanda government promoted a Hutu-supremicist ideology.

Relations with 43 countries, including the United States, were established in the first 10 years. Despite the progress made, inefficiency and corruption began festering in government ministries in the mid-1960s. On July 5, 1973, the military took power under the leadership of Maj. Gen. Juvenal Habyarimana, who dissolved the National Assembly and the PARMEHUTU Party and abolished all political activity.






In 1975, President Habyarimana formed the National Revolutionary Movement for Development (MRND) whose goals were to promote peace, unity, and national development, in the guise of a one-party state. The movement was organized from the “hillside” to the national level and included elected and appointed officials.

Under MRND aegis, Rwandans went to the polls in December 1978, overwhelmingly endorsed a new constitution, and confirmed President Habyarimana as president. President Habyarimana was re-elected in 1983 and again in 1988, when he was the sole candidate. Responding to public pressure for political reform, President Habyarimana announced in July 1990 his intention to transform Rwanda’s one-party state into a multi-party democracy.

On October 1, 1990, Rwandan exiles banded together as the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) <– Oh Oh A Little Seething going on since Belgium overturned the natural order or was this put together by the monarchy/U.N. operatives? ~ your call! and invaded Rwanda from their base in Uganda. The rebel force, composed primarily of ethnic Tutsis, blamed the government for failing to democratize and resolve the problems of some 500,000 Tutsi refugees living in the diaspora around the world. <– This is the same song and dance that the teutonic Zionists played when establishing TEUTONIC ZIONISM. Sounds to me like this was a British Monarchy/NWO Operation.


Herzl founder of Zionism, in opening the meeting, raised his right hand and repeated an ancient oath of the Talmudists: “If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its cunning.” Herzl also said at this meeting: “We are one nation. We are neither American nor Russian Jews, but only Jews!” He also said: “With a few exceptions that do not figure at all, the entire press of the world is in our hands.”

It is hard to determine what was in Herzl’s heart – but this moving spiritual statement, was made in collusion with the hemorrhoid of the human race aka; Edmond Rothschild of London. For the sake of true Abrahamic Jews, who with good intentions moved to Israel after the land was bought by Rothschild, we label Herzl/Rothschild/Schiff of New York as (Teutonic Zionists) and the Abrahamic Jews as (Zionists).

The origin of the word “Zionism” is the biblical word “Zion,” often used as a synonym for Jerusalem and the Land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael). Zionism is an ideology which expresses the yearning of Jews the world over for their historical homeland – Zion, the Land of Israel.

Zionists simply wanted to be protected by their own borders in their own homeland. Teutonic Zionists are simply a criminal enterprise who were willing to exploit this dream of Abrahamic Jews. As we know, the land was purchased, the Jewish nation moved in, the British Monarchy commenced to high taxation (Sounds like the Tea Party Eh?) and the Abrahamic Jews went to war against The British and kicked them out. This is all that is going on in Rwanda, the very same modus operandi.

  1. Socialism And Degrees Thereof : Marxism, Teutonic Zionism, Communism, National Socialism/Naziism, Fascism, Elitism, Progressives

British Monarchy/NWO Gal Queen Lizzy II

  1. Afghanistan Opium Or Lithium : British Monarchy Brought Down China With Opium : Now They’re Doing The Same With The United States! ‘DETAILED’
  2. Teutonic Zionist Operatives In The White House : Criminal Investigations On The Little Shit aka; ‘Rahm’

The war dragged on for almost 2 years until a cease-fire accord was signed July 12, 1992, in Arusha, Tanzania, fixing a timetable for an end to the fighting and political talks, leading to a peace accord and power sharing, and authorizing a neutral military observer group under the auspices of the Organization for African Unity. A cease-fire took effect July 31, 1992, and political talks began August 10, 1992.

On April 6, 1994, the airplane carrying President Habyarimana and the President of Burundi was shot down as it prepared to land at Kigali. Both presidents were killed. As though the shooting down was a signal, military and militia groups began rounding up and killing all Tutsis(Retaliation due to NWO) and political moderates, regardless of their ethnic background. <– Looks more and more like a British Monarchy/NWO Operation

The prime minister and her 10 Belgian bodyguards were among the first victims. The killing swiftly spread from Kigali to all corners of the country; between April 6 and the beginning of July, a genocide of unprecedented swiftness left up to 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus dead at the hands of organized bands of militia–Interahamwe. Even ordinary citizens were called on to kill their neighbors by local officials and government-sponsored radio. The president’s MRND Party was implicated in organizing many aspects of the genocide. <– Too bad, because clearly The NWO/Queen had the motive and opportunity.

The RPF battalion (British Monarchy/NWO Operation) stationed in Kigali under the Arusha accords came under attack immediately after the shooting down of the president’s plane. The battalion fought its way out of Kigali and joined up with RPF units in the north. The RPF then resumed its invasion, and civil war raged concurrently with the genocide for 2 months.

French forces landed in Goma, Zaire, in June 1994 on a humanitarian mission. They deployed throughout southwest Rwanda in an area they called “Zone Turquoise,” ostensibly to quell the genocide and stop the fighting there; many members of the genocidal rump regime established after the genocide escaped through the French zone to eastern Congo.

The Rwandan Army was quickly defeated by the RPF and fled across the border to Zaire followed by some 2 million refugees who fled to Zaire, Tanzania, and Burundi. The RPF took Kigali on July 4, 1994, and the war ended on July 16, 1994. The RPF took control of a country ravaged by war and genocide. Up to 1 million had been murdered, another 2 million or so had fled, and another million or so were displaced internally.

Following a local rebellion in eastern Zaire and a subsequent invasion by Rwandan and Ugandan troops in late 1996, a huge movement of refugees began which brought more than 600,000 back to Rwanda in the last 2 weeks of November. This massive repatriation was followed at the end of December 1996 by the return of another 500,000 from Tanzania, again in a huge, spontaneous wave.

In 2001, the government began implementation of a grassroots village-level justice system, known as gacaca, in order to address the enormous backlog of cases stemming from the genocide. Despite periodic prison releases, including the January 2006 release of approximately 7,000 prisoners, tens of thousands of individuals remain in the prison system, some scheduled to face the traditional court system, some awaiting trial by gacaca courts, some convicted by gacaca courts and returned to serve their sentences.

By the end of 2009, gacaca officials reported having concluded more than 1.1 million cases, and 2,261 gacaca cases remained. These courts plan to complete their caseload in 2010.


In Comes Barry Soetoro

  1. Convicted Felon Soros & Obama Colluded In Kenya: British Monarchy NWO Training Set In Rwanda, Nigeria, & Kenya ~ Christians Massacred!

Sen. Barack Obama was designated a personal aide as his direct contact for the 2007 Kenyan presidential campaign of Raila Odinga Obama’s cousin. After Sen. Barack Obama’s cousin lost the election There was widespread, deadly violence that destroyed 800 Christian churches, and left untold

Corsi attempted to release this and other information at a Tuesday press conference in Nairobi. The WND reporter and No. 1 New York Times bestselling author was detained by Kenya security officers as soon as he entered the hotel to make his presentation. He was held incommunicado and without food for the entire day before being permitted to board his regularly scheduled flight out of the country to London, where he is currently recuperating from the ordeal.


As WND has reported, Obama openly campaigned for Odinga during the Illinois Democrat’s 2006 Senate “fact-finding visit” to Kenya.

Odinga called for protests over alleged voter fraud after losing the December 2007 general election. The resulting protest violence left an estimated 1,000 members of the dominant Kikuyu tribe in Kenya dead and an estimated 500,000 displaced from their homes.

The links between Obama and Odinga were documented by copies of two e-mails obtained by Corsi during his meetings in Kenya with various government officials and others.

The e-mails, apparently sent by Obama himself, referenced the senator’s aide, Mark Lippert. The e-mails were provided to WND by an insider in Kenya who fled Odinga’s Orange Democratic political party and requested anonymity because of the danger of retaliatio

Colon Powell: Complicit In Rwanda Genocide

Milque Toast Colin Powell__Genocide By Ommission__Pulling out Troops Early in Rwanda__

In May 1993, the second UN Operation in Somalia (UNISOM II) took over as

a Chapter 7 peace enforcement operation with a broader mandate. Resolution 814

mandating the operation was not written by UN bureaucrats but came intact from the office of then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell 9

In response to militia attacks on Pakistani peacekeepers in June, who were inspecting Aideed’s weaponsstorage sites, the U.S. pushed for the pursuit of the warlord. The UN Security Council obliged with Resolution 837 to allow force to arrest and detain Aideed. On

October 3, 1993 American rangers10 struck at the Olympic Hotel, believing Aideed

was hiding there. Innocent people including children were killed. This act led to

retaliation. In the worst shoot-out since the Vietnam War, approximately 1,000 Somalis

and 18 U.S. soldiers died. After the downing of an American Black Hawk helicopter, the bodies of the mutilated Americans were dragged through the streets of

Mogadishu. President Bill Clinton announced that all American troops would be withdrawn in six months. Optimism about what intervention could do was replaced by pessimism about intervention. The giddy euphoria of the initial post Cold War period gave rise to caution.
Powell's Legacy - Removing Troops Allowing Genocide

Powell’s Legacy – Removing Troops Allowing Genocide

The international community could have denied legitimacy to the interim government at the early stages of the genocide. This may have been effective. Allowing the Rwandan representative to remain on the Security Council gave legitimacy to a regime bent on exterminating its entire Tutsi population and no doubt emboldened the genocidists to continue their attacks.

Colon Bowels

The notion that the United States should only intervene for vital interests (the Powell doctrine) was a morally bankrupt concept. Still, leaders may feel

that they need to justify intervention to a cautious public in interest language. In that case, they could point to the interest in stopping violence so that it does not spill over its borders, threatening regional stability. And while Rwanda may be of no commercial interest to the U.S., neighboring resource-rich Congo is. A simple cost-benefit analysis would sometimes push in favor of early intervention to stop massive killings.

An operation should begin with the objective and then consider how best to achieve it with minimal risk. Instead, our operation began with an evaluation of risk, and if there was risk, the objective was forgotten. You can’t begin by asking if there is a risk. If there is no risk, they could have sent Boy Scouts, not soldiers. “by tolerating the presence of the representative of Rwanda during their daily meetings, the 14 members of the Security Council put “the observance of procedural decorum before the need to denounce a genocidal government and the crime it was committing.”

Obama ~ Rwanda’s Ghosts


If we could have intervened effectively in the Holocaust, who among us would say that we had a moral obligation not to go in?

If we could’ve stopped Rwanda, surely, if we had the ability, that would be something that we would have to strongly consider and act.

So when genocide is happening, when ethnic cleansing is happening somewhere around the world and we stand idly by, that diminishes us.

Bill Clinton could have stopped Rwanda quickly with 5000 Marines.

The 8,000 daily deaths were inflicted by wild-eyed men with machetes. Any show of civilized force would have popped the balloon and ended it.

Is Obama that clueless about history? Or just full of shit?

Given Obama’s track record in Africa — leaving his half brother to live in penury, pledging to support a school in his father’s homeland and then stiffing them — the latter seems true.


Obama’s Kenya ghosts

In 2006 Obama traveled to Kenya and campaigned side by side with his cousin Odinga, “ The Candidate of Change” and “Yes I Can” , running for the Pres. of Kenya. Later, when he lost the election, he unleashed his people to commit MASS GENOCIDE on the opposition’s followers identical to Rwanda’s Genocide.

: Well, we may not always have national security issues at stake, but we have moral issues at stake.

Genocide in Kenya

Wednesday, 2 January 2008 22:55

President Mwai Kibaki’s government has accused rival Raila Odinga’s party of unleashing ‘genocide’ in Kenya.

A statement from the government said ‘it is becoming clear that these well-organised acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing were well planned, financed and rehearsed by Orange Democratic Movement leaders prior to the general elections’.

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Come And Take Them
Come And Take Them

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