Convicted Felon Soros Offers Brazilian Ex-Girlfriend ~ $250K to Drop $50M Lawsuit.

Billionaire George Soros has reportedly offered his Brazilian soap opera star ex-girlfriend $250,000 to “persuade her” to drop a $50 million lawsuit.


Actress Adriana Ferreyr, 31, filed a lawsuit against Soros, 81, in August after he allegedly broke a promise to buy her a $1.9million apartment in Manhattan.

Ferreyr says in the lawsuit that she was emotionally tortured, harassed, and abused by Soros (who denies all the claims) during an alleged fight when he informed her that he’d given the apartment to another lover.

It’s not been revealed that, when she threatened to take him to court, Soros’ lawyer William Zabel approached Ferreyr’s lawyer cousin Mauricio Carneiro via email with a cash offer.

The email allegedly read: “Pursuant to your conversation with George Soros… I understand you may wish to be helpful with the situation.”

Carneiro replied that he “could not be bought” and was “shocked that George called me to offer me $250,000 in order to get my sympathy, get rid of her lawyers and settle the case.”

Zabel has since admitted that the email was sent, but added that it wasn’t a bribe, saying, “George had met him before and he liked him. He had reached out to him because he is a lawyer and a relative and he hoped to settle the case before it went to court. It is in no way a bribe.”

In August, Ferryr spoke out about her five-year relationship with the financier known as the “Man Who Broke the Bank of England” after making millions during the 1992 U.K. currency crisis.

Despite their 53-year age difference, she insisted their relationship was “respectful and loveable” before their split, followed by her allegations of physical abuse.

Ferreyr, a former child actor, met Soros five years ago.  She says she was monogamous during their time together and was hoping to “settle down” with Soros, who she said never lavished her with gifts during their first few years together.

Eventually, though, he offered to buy her an apartment, and she found her “dream home” – a $1.9 million condo at 30 E. 85th St – just two streets from him.

Soros agreed to buy it for her, but Ferreyr says that the day after they signed the paperwork in December, Soros had a change of heart, and offered the apartment instead to 39-year-old Tamiko Bolton, his “travelling nurse.”

The soap star also claims that Soros slapped her in the face and attempted to choke her as they argued over the property in bed together.

According to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, during the dispute, “Soros slapped Ferreyr across the face and proceeded to put his hands around her neck in an attempt to choke her.”

Ferreyr claims she managed to evade him and picked up a glass lamp with which she protected herself. Soros then allegedly grabbed the lamp and tried to hit her with it, narrowly missing.

According to the lawsuit, Ferreyr claims Soros twice broke promises to buy her apartments in the building – once again after a brief reconciliation.


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