Taking A Break From 2012: Friday Flappers!

Somewhere in Time by TMJ, P. AsheDina 7/2012

Anytime I make a collage, I reminisce of times past in America.  Because…just what do we have now? Violence, rape, robberies, murder…Hell, Chicago is WORSE now than in the 1920′s.

Women act like the most disgusting tramps. Men kissing men in all of the major cities of the USA.  Partial-birth abortions all over the country. Censored news, floozy broadcasters  (FOX), only interested in the almighty buck.  

Jews that hate Christians, Christians that hate Jews, and everybody hates everyone.  And people wonder why I reminisce the past..  America WAS exceptional, but please…tell me how it is now….!

 Stop lying to yourselves.  The ONLY thing we now possess….IS THE PAST.

Maybe ya’ all are excited about America, but I sure as the hell am not.  My sanity is memories of my childhood and the 80′s, stories my Nana shared with me about the 40′s-50′s.  

Anyway…enjoy the graphics I crafted and a couple of fun Youtubes, at least I tried.