Sheriff Mack: Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association SPOA Convention September 2012!


The Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) will host its second national convention for constitutional training in Las Vegas this September 16-18, 2012.

Sheriff Richard Mack has opened the 2nd Annual Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Convention to the general public.  Patriots, Activists, Community Leaders may attend. Reservations are recommended. See details here:

All Oath Keepers and Supporters are asked to get behind Sheriff Mack’s remarkable program for Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers as their Association produces its second national Convention. Backing your County Sheriff or other Peace Officer to attend this convention is one of the most pro-active projects any Oath Keepers County chapter can do. Fund-raise to cover your Sheriff’s costs. Study the CSPOA website and learn how you can do this as a primary activism project which yields tremendous results as the grassroots in America push back against the top-down heavy-handed Federal intrusions which now threaten our beloved nation. This is one of the most powerful movements in America. Be proud to be a part of this by helping organize your County to support your Sheriff’s attendance of the upcoming September Convention. While you’re at it, go ahead and make your reservations as well!

The website is here:

Sheriffs and Peace Officers registration is here:


You, your county or your organization can sponsor a sheriff, peace officer or other public official for a $299 donation, plus airfare.

Your donation will cover hotel, meals and travel, for a sheriff to network and train with like minded individuals as they stand strong holding the line, protecting your rights.

Go to CSPOA’s webpage about this Convention –

Your group will be proud to sponsor a Sheriff to this convention! Please go to Sheriff Mack’s CSPOA website where all your questions are answered already.  In Sheriff Mack’s words,

“The purpose of the CSPOA Conventions is exactly the same as the mission of the CSPOA: To equip sheriffs, peace officers and public officials with the necessary information and public support to carry out their duties in accordance with their Oaths of Office. “Want to know how we get this done? In short, we bring together some of the smartest scholars and most experienced and courageous leaders of our day to show you how you can stand up to the growing federal tyranny that is already crashing against the gates of your county and community. We show you that you are not alone in the fight to serve the people and protect their rights. Visit the past conventions page for testimonials and links to video clips from the January 2012 Convention.”


South Point Hotel
9777 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89183

Driving Directions,+Las+Vegas,+NV,+89183,+US

Sunday September 16, 2012 at 7:00 PM CDT
Tuesday September 18, 2012 at 12:00 PM CDT

This event promises to strengthen and expand upon the groundwork created with CSPOA’s previous convention. Make your plans now to attend.  If you cannot attend yourself, please consider helping sponsor a Sheriff or Peace Officer by simply making a donation. Thank you! See you there!


Tentative Schedule:

Sheriff Mack CSPOA Sept 2012

SUNDAY — Sept. 16

5:00 pm * Exclusive exhibit hours

7pm • Evening reception

MONDAY — Sept. 17

7am • Exhibits / Breakfast

8:30am • Sheriff Mack — Welcome

9am • Tom Woods — Nullification and State Sovereignty

10am • Michael Badnarik — The Constitution

11am • Sheriffs Give Their Own Accounts

11:30am • Exhibits / Lunch

1pm • Sheriff Mack — The Importance of the Office of Sheriff

1pm • Sheriff Mack — Update: The Attack on the Office of Sheriff in Delaware

1:30pm • Steven Pratt — The Oath to the Constitution

2:30pm • Larry Pratt — Update: Fast and Furious

3:15pm • Sheriffs Give Their Own Accounts

4pm • Stewart Rhodes — Interposition

5:30pm • Exclusive exhibit hours

7pm • Group photo

7:30pm • Awards dinner

TUESDAY — Sept. 18

7am • Exhibits / Breakfast

8:30am • Sheriff Mack — The Untouchable Bill of Rights

9am • Michael Badnarik — The Authority of the Sheriff

10am • Sheriffs Give Their Own Accounts

10:30am • Sheriff Mack — Q&A and Signing of Resolution

12:00 noon • Exhibits / Lunch on own

2pm • Convention concludes

Enjoy the following videos which show clearly the success of CSPOA’s January, 2012, Convention:

Sheriff Gill Gilbertson, Oregon –

Sheriff Vincent Demarco, New York –

Sheriff Jon Lopey, California 

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