Mafia Federal Reserve Printing Endless Counterfeit Dollars For Themselves & Making U.S. Taxpayers Pay It Back: While Alaskans Receive $878 In Yearly Investment Earnings Payout!


State officials said Tuesday that eligible Alaskans will receive $878 this year. That’s significantly less than last year’s dividend of $1,174, which was the smallest since 2006. The payout will be distributed Oct. 4. The amount of investment earnings allocated to dividends is based on a five-year rolling average of Permanent Fund performance. Star Tribune


The mainstream media is hailing QE3 as a great victory for the U.S. economy. On nearly every news broadcast, the “talking heads” are declaring that Ben Bernanke‘s decision to pump 40 billion dollars a month into our financial system is definitely going to help solve our economic problems.


The money for QE3 is being created out of thin air and this round of quantitative easing is going to be “open-ended” which means that the Federal Reserve is going to keep doing it for as long as they feel like it. But is this really good for the average American on the street? No way. Despite two previous rounds of quantitative easing, median household income has still fallen for four years in a row, the employment rate has not bounced back since the end of the last recession, and new home sales have remained near record lows. So what have the previous rounds of quantitative easing accomplished? Well, they have driven up the prices of financial assets.


Those that own stocks have done very well the past couple of years. So who owns stocks? The wealthy do. In fact, 82 percent of all individually held stocks are owned by the wealthiest 5 percent of all Americans. Those that have invested in commodities have also done very nicely in recent years.

We have seen gold, silver, oil and agricultural commodities all do very well. But that also means that average Americans are paying more for basic necessities such as food and gasoline. So the first two rounds of quantitative easing made the wealthy even wealthier while causing living standards to fall for all the rest of us. Is there any reason to believe that QE3 will be any different?

Of course not.