Axis Feinstein: A Waste Of Taxpayer’s Money

Axis Feinstein

Dianne Feinstein was born on June 23, 1933, in San Francisco, the oldest of three daughters of Betty and Leon Goldman. Her father was a nationally known surgeon who was a professor at the University of California. She received a B.S. degree in history in 1955 from Stanford University. While going to college, she modeled clothes on television for her Uncle Morris Goldman, a clothing manufacturer.

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Axis Sally 2

She was named Mildred Elizabeth Sisk when she was American born in Portland, Maine, on November 29, 1900. Her parents, Vincent Sisk and Mae Hewitson Sisk, were divorced in 1907, and a few years later Mildred’s mother married a dentist, Dr. Robert Bruce Gillars. From that time on the child was known as Mildred Gillars.

Most GIs agreed that Gillars had a sultry, sexy voice that came over the radio loud and clear. Like her counterpart in the Pacific, Tokyo Rose, she liked to tease and taunt the soldiers about their wives and sweethearts back in the States. ‘Hi fellows,’ she would say. ‘I’m afraid you’re yearning plenty for someone else.

Perhaps Sally’s most famous broadcast, and the one that would eventually get her convicted of treason, was a play titled Vision of Invasion that went out over the airwaves on May 11, 1944. It was beamed to American troops in England awaiting the D-Day invasion of Normandy, as well as to the home folks in America. Gillars played the role of an American mother who dreamed that her soldier son, a member of the invasion forces, died aboard a burning ship in the attempt to cross the English Channel. Axis Sally

Feinstein…The Enemy Of America

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A NEW BENEDICT ARNOLD is now defacing the Constitutional order of liberty in American life and her name is Diane Feinstein.

With her devilish mission to strip the Goys of their guns—(she wants MORE than just “assault weapons” BANNED)—Dianne Feinstein has to be the MOST HATED woman in America today. And she just happens to be a Jew.


Tokyo Rose, whose real name was Iva Toguri, was an American-born Japanese woman who hosted a Japanese propaganda radio program aimed at U.S. troops during World War II.

But does it really matter that Feinstein is a Jew?” Yes it does.

First of all, American Jewry is getting very nervous that a JEW is leading the attack on America’s most cherished possession affirmed by the Second Amendment, the right of personal sovereignty.

One Jewish group in particular, Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership, fears a backlash against American Jewry owing to the anti-gun lobbying of several national Jewish organizations.

Rabbi Aaron Zelman, founder of JPFO, puts it this way:

“By working to destroy the Bill of Rights, Jewish Groups are fanning the flames of anti-Semitism.

“A lot of Americans resent these people who trample on our fundamental rights.” View Entire Story Here.

But what is even more likely to “fan the flames” of anti-Semitism is due to the high number of HIGH PROFILE JEWS now at the forefront of trampling on the Second Amendment.

Abe Foxman’s mission to prevent a backlash against Jews is bound to fail when JEWISH NAMES like Feinstein, Blumenthal, Cardin, Wasserman-Shultz, Schumer, Israel, Boxer, Lautenberg, Bloomberg, are LEADING THE CHARGE to STRIP Americans of their guns.

It’s really a matter of personal ownership—(which underlies the right to bear arms in order to defend oneself and family)—that is at stake here.

And Dianne Feinstein, a Jew, is hell-bent on seizing ownership of every American citizen’s particular and personal body.

The Power Of The Rothschild State: The Hijacked Name Of Jew By The Khazar Banking Cartel.



Do Americans want to be owned by Jews?

Do Americans want a Jew like Feinstein and her ilk to tell them what they are allowed and not allowed to do with their OWN BODIES?

Do Americans who possess “grandfathered” weapons want the Jew Feinstein to presideover them being investigated, photographed, and fingerprinted…their firearms registered with local, state, and federal authorities by type and serial number?

For this is EXACTLY what this freedom-hating Jew Feinstein is pushing with her new piece of legislation.

WHAT GIVES FEINSTEIN THE RIGHT to moralize over Americans who work for a living when she herself is nothing but a contemptible parasite feeding off taxpayers’ hard-earned money for the entirety of her life and career?

Who gave this Jew the license to tell Gentiles what they can or cannot buy when she herself has enriched herself with a net worth of $108 million through insider trading due to being privy to companies about to receive large grants from Congress?


What gives Feinstein the right to deny families their inalienable right to arm and defend themselves when she herself has been legislating for homosexuality, lesbianism, and transgenderism, all of which militates against the preservation of the family?

Is it any wonder then that Dianne Feinstein is the MOST HATED woman in America today?

Would it be any surprise if Feinstein’s gun grab provokes a backlash against Jewry?

Is there any question in anybody’s mind that Feinstein—A JEW—is the enemy of America?

Feinstein…The Enemy Of America

Jewish Agenda Articles

By Brother Nathanael Kapner
January 31, 2013



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