Silver: U.S. Rule Of Law Unenforced For 5 Years ~ Statute Of Limitation Nears!

Deadline Arrives for Silver Investigation

by Bix Weir


Deadline Approaches for Silver!

It is clear that we have come to the Tipping Point in the fight against the blatant manipulation of the Price of silver as quoted on the COMEX and LBMA. The paper price of silver has been destroyed, the large short position held by JP Morgan and the banking cabal has been covered, the physical market is on fire and has broken away from the paper market and people around the world recognize that the silver market is 100% rigged.


So where do we go from here?

I believe that a final decision is being made at the highest levels of the US Government. Either they will allow the silver market to continue to be rigged at all levels for as long as possible (which they have been doing) OR they put a stop to the manipulation and let the free market in silver sort itself out in a chaotic implosion of the entire monetary system.


In the first instance the “Rule of Law” in the United States will be once and for all destroyed never to return to our Nation. It will be the destroyer of our Freedom and the End of everything we stand for. Ultimately, it will lead to a revolution by “We the People” as no corrupt nation can survive on a foundation of lies.

For the Good Guys…their Road to Roota Plan will have failed.


In the second instance the free market value of silver will shoot to the moon setting off a chain reaction in the derivatives markets that no financial institution will recover from. Hundreds of Trillions in derivative counter-party risk will come to bear and be defaulted upon. The banking system will be instantly destroyed causing the entire Local, State, Federal and Global Economies to freeze in their tracks instantly without access to any electronic monetary instruments (assets or debt). Then we will start over.

So those are the choices that face the US Government.

Allow the con to continue and destroy our Nation or end the illegal market rigging setting off a Global Economic meltdown.

In the End I believe the US will choose to save what is left of our nation and set about the task of rebuilding upon a foundation of truth and honest dealings. Yes, it will be difficult, but is it any more difficult than what our founding fathers faced when they freed our people??

They risked EVERYTHING for a single shot at being free and WON.

We are on the brink of either destroying the Free Republic that they gave us or RESTORING it in all it’s glory free from the influence of the Powered Elite.

I believe a DEADLINE for this decision to be made is quickly approaching!

I did some research into the Statute of Limitations for the CFTC’s 4 year+ Silver Manipulation Investigation and I think I have come up with a “hard date” where they either have to file charges or they no longer can pursue JP Morgan. Although I haven’t tracked down the exact securities law it seems that 5 years could be argued as the limit for investigating this type of crime.

The biggest question revolves setting the start date. Is it the time the crime was committed, the time the investigation started or the time that it was announced? Luckily, there was an SEC case ruling that the clock starts when the investigation begins…maybe.

Seventh Circuit Issues an Important Opinion Regarding the Statute of Limitations for SEC Civil Fines

“The Court in Jones, however, held that the SEC’s action for civil penalties was time-barred under Section 2462. The Court held that to toll the statute of limitations for fraudulent concealment, the SEC must prove: ”

(1) that Defendants concealed the existence of the cause of action;

(2) that it did not discover the alleged wrongdoing until some point within five years of commencing this action; and

(3) that its continuing ignorance was not attributable to lack of diligence on its part.”

To demonstrate concealment, the SEC must show “either that Defendants took affirmative steps to prevent discovery of the fraud or that the wrong itself was of such a nature as to be self-concealing.” Id. at 382 (quoting New York v. Hendrickson Bros., Inc., 840 F.2d 1065, 1083 (2d Cir. 1988)).

The Court rejected the premise that allegations of fraud suffice to demonstrate that conduct was self-concealing in the absence of “some misleading, deceptive, or otherwise contrived action or scheme.” Id. (quoting Hobson v. Wilson, 737 F.2d 1, 34 (D.C. Cir. 1984)).

Rather, the Jones court effectively put the burden of proof on the SEC to demonstrate concealment. Because “the Commission has not met its burden to demonstrate that Defendants’ alleged deception was unknowable and hence self-concealing,” the court granted summary judgment to the defendants.”

“Jones regarded the SEC’s ability to access information related to the misconduct to be sufficient to meet the standard of discoverability and start the five-year ticking clock of Section 2462. The Koenig decision did not reach this issue.”



So there’s when the clock starts…“ability to access information related to the misconduct…”

Basically, if the CFTC is going to press charges against JPM and it has to be within the 5 year time frame since they were able to access information that gives us a drop dead date. I believe that the CFTC is well aware of this and put out a press release to memorialize the date that they believe the ‘clock started”.

Here is the statement:

November 4, 2011 CFTC Statement Regarding Enforcement Investigation of the Silver Markets

Washington, DC — The Commodity Futures Trading Commission today issued the following statement:

“In September of 2008, the Commission announced the existence of an enforcement investigation into the possibility of unlawful acts in silver markets. Since that time, the staff has analyzed over 100,000 documents and interviewed dozens of witnesses and obtained expert advice. It has been a long, detailed, and thorough investigation, and it continues in an appropriate and considered manner.”

So it appears to me that a drop dead date would be September 2013 or anytime sooner. Anything after JPM may have an argument to drop the case due to the above court ruling. At least that’s what JP Morgan will argue if the CFTC files charges after the 5 year period.

Bart Chilton has spoken out about the situation back in April 2013 although he seems to think that if the guilty party LIED to regulators he can still go after them…

CFTC commissioner seeks more time for penalty cases

“Chilton points out that an exception under the law, called equitable tolling, allows for cases to be brought after five years if violators have taken steps to conceal their illegal conduct, such as submitting false information in a commission filing.”

Maybe so Bart…


Ultimately, I do believe the CFTC investigation into silver market rigging will go to trial with charges filed against JP Morgan.

I think that Elizabeth Warren’s recent public attacks against the regulators was 100% a set up to clear the way for the CFTC to bring JPM to trial.

Luckily, we know why the CFTC has delayed bringing charges as in 2005 Senior Council for the SEC, Gary Aguirre, turned whistle blower exposing the tactic of DELAYING all serious investigation to fall OUTSIDE of the Statute of Limitations!

AMAZING corruption runs deep within our market participants and regulators.

Make no mistake…it is DECISION TIME for the United States and I pray that we are able to make the RIGHT decision.


Send this article to the CFTC Commissioners and ask for a response to this question…

Does the CFTC plan to file charges against the Silver Market riggers prior to the September 2013 deadline or will they let the Statute of Limitations expire on the investigation allowing the perpetrators walk free?

CFTC Commissioners Email Addresses:

After all this work on our part in helping the CFTC expose the silver manipulation, the very least they can do is issue a public statement on the matter.

May the Road WE Choose be the Right Road!

Bix Weir
Road To Roota

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