McCain’s Dumbed Down F-35 Suffers More Incompetent Setbacks

Mr. Bubble’s “McCain’s” Flying Bathtub

The F-35 Finally Met Its Nemesis: Weather, It Cannot Fly In Thunder Storms 2017

Total costs on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter may rise higher than their estimated total of $1.4 trillion because of the costs and time needed to develop a new data processor with additional capacity, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) said in a report.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – “[The] program and officials acknowledged that the aircraft’s current data processor is operating at maximum capacity, and an updated processor with increased capacity is likely needed for the first increment of Block 4 to function as intended,” the report stated on Tuesday.

Rothschild Czar Big Johnny McCain

McCain Did Away With The World’s Top Jet Fighter The F-22 Because It Was Too Expensive.

McCain’s Dumbed Down F-35 Costs Way More Than The F-22 And Does Not Perform Anywhere Close To The F-22 Flying Raptor

Two Rothschild Czars ~McCain & Sodomite Lieberman

F-35 program officials acknowledge this risk and note that an updated processor may not be available until the second increment of Block 4, the GAO observed. This poses a risk that the testing and delivery of the first increment of Block 4 capability may not be achievable as planned, it said.

“As a result, DOD [Department of Defense] may be negotiating prices for those aircraft without knowing if or when the more advanced capabilities will be delivered and whether they will function as required,” the report warned.

In April 2017, the GAO reported that F-35 acquisition costs alone were estimated at nearly $400 billion and operating and sustainment costs over $1 trillion. Defense Department officials noted that, due to budget uncertainties, they are reassessing key costs, schedules, and capabilities, the report added.


President Trump President Jackson
  1. President Trump To End McCain’s F-35 Flying Bath Tub: An NWO Tax Funded Scheme To Drain U.S. Military

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Cancel the F-35

A petition to the United States Congress and the governments of Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Denmark, and Canada from the world and from the people of Burlington, Vermont, and Fairbanks, Alaska, where the F-35 is to be based. Initiated by Vermont Stop the F35 Coalition, Save Our Skies Vermont, Western Maine Matters, Alaska Peace Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks Peace Club, North Star Chapter 146 Veterans For Peace, World Beyond War,, Code Pink, Ben Cohen. Supported by: Centro Documentazione Manifesto Pacifista Internazionale, International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, Nej tak til nye kampfly (in Denmark), Peaceful Skies Coalition (in Santa Fe, NM), Straits Area Concerned Citizens for Peace, Justice, and the Environment (in Michigan).

Please add your name below:

The F-35 is a weapon of offensive war, serving no defensive purpose. It is planned to cost the U.S. $1.4 trillion over 50 years. Because starvation on earth could be ended for $30 billion and the lack of clean drinking water for $11 billion per year, it is first and foremost through the wasting of resources that this airplane will kill. Military spending, contrary to popular misconception, also hurts the U.S. economy (see below) and other economies. The F-35 causes negative health impacts and cognitive impairment in children living near its bases. It renders housing near airports unsuitable for residential use. It has a high crash rate and horrible consequences to those living in the area of its crashes. Its emissions are a major environmental polluter.

Wars are endangering the United States and other participating nations rather than protecting them. Nonviolent tools of law, diplomacy, aid, crisis prevention, and verifiable nuclear disarmament should be substituted for continuing counterproductive wars. Therefore, we, the undersigned, call for the immediate cancellation of the F-35 program as a whole, and the immediate cancellation of plans to base any such dangerous and noisy jets near populated areas. We oppose replacing the F-35 with any other weapon or basing the F-35 in any other locations. We further demand redirection of the money for the F-35 back into taxpayers’ pockets, and into environmental and human needs in the U.S., other F-35 customer nations, and around the world, including to fight climate change, pay off student debt, rebuild crumbling infrastructure, and improve education, healthcare, and housing.

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