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What Good Must I Do?

He said to him, ‘Why do you ask me about what is good? There is only one who is good. If you wish to enter into life, keep the commandments. ‘He said to him, ‘Which ones?’ And Jesus said, ‘You shall not murder; You shall not commit adultery; You shall not steal; You shall not…

Pope Benedict XVI Calls On Rothschild, Strong, Soros, & Rockefeller To Show Solidarity For The Poor!

“God can conquer the heart of a person with many possessions and lead him towards solidarity and sharing with the poor and needy, so that he can enter into the logic of giving”, said the Pope commenting on today’s Gospel reading which narrates Jesus’ meeting with a rich young man.

Religious Atheists Condemn House Resolution To Reaffirm Importance Of God!

Religion is solely the creation of the scholar’s study. It is created for the scholar’s analytic purposes by his imaginative acts of comparison and generalization. Religion has no existence apart from the academy.”  Jonathan Z. Smith Religion is absolutely quenched in Atheism, which tries to substitute for the personal Deity blind physical forces. New Advent

Weekend Reflections: Christians in Gaza Fear for Their Lives, as Muslims Violently Burn Bibles, and Destroy Crosses

  After defeating their rivals in Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas‘ Fatah movement, Muslim extremists are focusing their attacks on Christians in Gaza City. Christians in Gaza City have issued an appeal to the international community and a plea for protection against the increased attacks by Muslim extremists.

Obama: Tools Of The Banking Cabalists aka; Ploy Of The New World Order ~ Every Human Left Behind! Movie!

This Video Is Of Immense Importance For All Viewers. There Are Several Fleeting Comments At The Beginning Of The Video, That The Vatican, And The City Of London Are Connected. This However Is Incorrect As  The Vatican Is The Crown’s Mortal Enemy. Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI: Earth’s Ecosystem Damaged By Rothschild Hoarding And Not By…


Tyranny Over The Mind Of Man This article explains what is really happening in the Gulf of Mexico, who is really responsible for the explosion, and how the devastation serves investment bankers who sway stocks, create markets, and planned this crisis, among a series of catastrophies, to advance geopolitical and financial agendas for their New…

I Implore Governor Of Utah To Permanently Stay Execution Of Condemned Utah Man : Ronnie Lee Gardner Moved To Observation Cell To Be Shot Tomorrow Morning Friday June 18, 2010

Dear Governor; Our Lord Stood Before The People (He Was Innocent), yet Pontius Pilate washed his hands in deference to protecting life – even when he knew Our Lord broke no laws of man. Here is Ronnie Lee Gardner, who committed a crime against life, and has been imprisoned to protect the people from any further…

Why Does The Fringe Left Want To Censor And Distort American History From Our School Children? – SIGN PETITION!

The fringe left is trying to distort the truth and silence thousands of Texans — including numerous teachers and parents who have called, e-mailed and testified before their State Board of Education (SBOE) member. The extremists are even using our great Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, as a political pawn. Jefferson was never removed from social…