Why Does The Fringe Left Want To Censor And Distort American History From Our School Children? – SIGN PETITION!

The fringe left is trying to distort the truth and silence thousands of Texans — including numerous teachers and parents who have called, e-mailed and testified before their State Board of Education (SBOE) member.

The extremists are even using our great Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, as a political pawn. Jefferson was never removed from social studies as falsely reported by many. Jefferson will be taught at three grade levels, and the Declaration of Independence and its political ideas are emphasized repeatedly in the standards.

Sign the petition to help protect our children’s education!

For over a year, Texans have been speaking out against attempts to remove or diminish important historical figures, celebrations, concepts and symbols like:

  • Neil Armstrong
  • Albert Einstein
  • Christmas
  • Independence Day
  • The Liberty Bell
  • Religious Heritage

Thank God a majority of the SBOE rightly struck down such misguided versions of history. Without the elected Board, these important figures would have been removed from social studies for the next 10 years.

But the fringe left still wants to destroy the SBOE’s role as a voice on education standards. Why? Because they want unlimited control over what students learn, to radically change the worldview of our next generation by distorting history.

The review process began over a year ago, but now liberal academia, the ACLU and some political candidates want the State Board of Education to delay the final vote on social studies standards from May 21, 2010 until January 2011 — after the November elections — and one State Senator wants to abolish the SBOE and take away your vote!

Stand up for Texas education — sign the petition now:

  1. I oppose the attempted takeover of education by the extreme left
  2. I support final adoption of social studies standards on May 21, 2010, as scheduled
  3. I support a State Board of Education that has members elected by the public

Email the State Board of Education your support at: sboesupport@tea.state.tx.us

Contact Us If You Would like to Testify at the State Board of Education

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