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Fiat Economic Collapse Is Coming!

“You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead.” ― Stan Laurel. Oliver Hardy is on the floor and Stan is in the middle.

“You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead.” ― Stan Laurel. Oliver Hardy is on the floor and Stan is in the middle.

By Greg Hunter’s

Financial expert and best-selling author James Rickards says another economic collapse is coming. Rickards contends, “It’s very clear, and you can prove this scientifically.

The next collapse will be bigger than anything in history or maybe since the Bronze Age or the fall of the Roman Empire. Why do I say that? . . . We have these things coming together. The system is larger. That means systemically it is exponentially more risky.

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To Hell With The Rothschild Financial Collapse: Nullify The Debt Like Iceland And Bring Them To Justice!

Iceland constitution2

Icelanders Overthrew Corrupt Government And Rewrote Constitution Banning Rothschild Banking Fraud-No Word From US Media.

Federal Reserve raises interest rates for the first time in nine years with 0.25 per cent increase.

The Fed Raises Interest Rates Quarter Point. Why NOW?

2015 FOMC Monetary Policy Statement Reads Like Alice In Wonderland!


Iceland Showed The World The Power Of The U.S. 1776 Revolution.

Iceland’s Reclaimed Their Federal Government ~ Jailed The International Bankers And Forgave

EVERY ICELANDER’S Debt That Was concocted BY The NWO.

Three years after Iceland’s banks collapsed and the country teetered on the brink, its economy is recovering, proof that governments should let failing lenders go bust and protect taxpayers, analysts say.

“The lesson that could be learned from Iceland’s way of handling its crisis is that it is important to shield taxpayers and government finances from bearing the cost of a financial crisis to the extent possible,” Islandsbanki analyst Jon Bjarki Bentsson told AFP.

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Trapped Central Banks Face Keynesian Endgame: “You Never Go Full-Krugman”

Paul Krugman Full Retard

Paul Krugman Full Retard ~ Tropic Thunder

For those who follow the pronouncements of central bankers and the sellside penguin brigade, one thing you might have noticed recently is an increase in the number of very “serious” people who are suddenly calling for so-called “helicopter money.”


Take Citi for instance, where both the firm’s chief economist Willem Buiter and global head of G10 currency strategy Steven Englander both called for helicopter money in September as apparently, the only way to save the world now is to simply have the government print debt certificates only for the central bank to immediately monetize them.

Note the enormity of that suggestion: that is just one degree of separation away from suggesting that central banks literally drop cash from the sky.

Banking Cabal’s Carnival: Israel ~ The Land Of Delusion.

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U.S. East Coast Aerial Surveillance Impaired Until October 1, 2015: Incompetence or Complicated Stupidity?

Obama Drone Air Defense Mexico

A notam issued Sept. 1 announced that, beginning Sept. 2, both ADS-B surveillance and TCAS may be unreliable in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, as well as in airspace extending approximately 200 nautical miles off shore. The situation is expected to last through Oct. 1 as a result of military exercises in the area.

But similar military exercises in the past have caused no interference with civilian ADS-B or TCAS, and AOPA is asking the FAA to explain both why the notam was issued so late and what has changed to raise these new concerns.

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Carnival Of Predictive Mind Control


These are big subjects and well worth investigation. Knowing the mechanics of the matrix we find ourselves in, is extremely empowering and liberating. There’s a saying, “If you’re not wondering if you’re under mind control, you probably are.”

Think about that one for a minute.

I find that profoundly true. The truly awake and aware are so intensely conscious of their thoughts and impulses and the information coming at them that they question everything. And so it should be. We’re in a massively manipulated world by forces many of which are beyond our comprehension. Knowledge-wise, we grasp much of what is at play. Experientially we understand even more.

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Guaranteed Dollar Death Dynamics: Its getting Very Late!

Dennis Hopper and wife Daria Halprin The Jack Tar Hotel San Francisco  The Last Movie  6/72

Dennis Hopper and wife Daria Halprin
The Jack Tar Hotel San Francisco
The Last Movie 6/72

Jim Willie PhD Statistics

It is utterly amazing that so many supposedly smart analysts and highly paid wealth managers cannot see the obvious path on which the US Dollar treads, limps, and struts proudly, dangerously, and abusively, suspended by numerous false cables and tethers.

The US Dollar cannot be sustained in its current form or on its present course. The abuse of its management and stewardship will be told in history books (possibly with certain chapters scribed by the Jackass).

The aggressive defense of the US Dollar includes criminal activity on a widespread scale never witnessed before.

It is a veritable global money war, not so much a global financial crisis. The system, centered upon the US Dollar, is collapsing under its own insolvency and corrupt underpinnings amidst the din of war.

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