Arizona Secretary of State candidate Demands State Legislature to “decertify” 2020 election results.

Mark Finchem, a GOP candidate for secretary of state in Arizona, is calling on state lawmakers to “decertify” the 2020 election results due to the discovery of a massive number of “ghost,” or phony, votes.

Finchem’s demand stems from an interview Liz Harris, a volunteer taking part in Maricopa County’s ballot audit, did with Steve Bannon for his “War Room” podcast, in which she claimed that more than 96,300 mail-in ballots were sent from addresses that could not have possibly come from the ‘person’ named on the ballot.

In taking to Twitter, Finchem first thanked former Trump 2020 campaign lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis for traveling to Arizona last winter following the election to lay out the evidence of what was then suspected voter fraud in the state.

“WE MUST AUDIT AND CANVASS EVERYWHERE. This fraud has been going on a lot longer than 2020,” he began in a Twitter thread.

“I am calling it. Between the preliminary audit results and the private canvass, I call on Arizona to decertify the election of 2020 and recall the electors. There is already enough evidence to show clear and convincing fraud. We have a duty to act,” he continued.

“Not only do we need a forensic audit of every county in Arizona, we need an official canvass of the election and of the voter rolls in every county in Arizona. If the DOJ wants to obstruct, they can pound sand,” Finchem said.


“Ghost votes, fantom votes 96,00+ from ‘mail-in’ votes extrapolated from Maricopa #’s. 1 Voter reports got a mail-in ballot every elec since ’12. Ballots returned but counted? How did that get into the system? Data shows while she kept the ballot, it was counted. Where is DOJ?” the secretary of state candidate added.

“YOU WERE RIGHT! @RudyGiuliani @JennaEllisEsq So glad we gave you the chance to reveal the corruption on Nov 30, ’20 in PHX. We must send a signal to the People of Arizona that we have the courage to decertify an election that is rife with fraud and reclaim the 2020 Electors,” he wrote.

The Arizona audit has been ongoing for months — since the spring — and more people have been calling for the results, especially after we have already learned there was fraud involved.

Even more evidence came in today, suggesting that illegal non-citizen predominantly Democrat voters are the biggest threat to the integrity of US elections, yet 99% of the American media remains silent.

A Republican Arizona state representative Kelly Townsend is warning the nation that there are 14,099 voters in Maricopa County alone who did not prove they are US citizens when registering to vote as required by a little known Arizona state law passed as Proposition 200 in 2004.

It’s important to note that Biden only ‘eked out’ a ‘victory’ in Arizona by about 11,000 votes.

“More evidence keeps rolling in that backs up our justified belief that the Democrat Party, trade unions, and Joe Biden campaign is winning the 2020 presidency due to widespread illegal non-citizen voters who vote Democrat more than 80% of the time,” said William Gheen, a spokesperson for

“How much evidence and proof will it take for the media to finally report our concerns or for our government to take action to protect American voters from this overt foreign influence and overthrow of our elections?”

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