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Bitcoin’s Virtual Bloodbath: All Cryptocurrencies Simultaneously Plunge

The Hidden Venus Fly Trap Early Sunday morning, cryptocurrencies were all simultaneously hit by selling pressure and as the day has worn off, it has accelerated with one witty trader noting “it’s a virtual bloodbath.” Breaking: U.S. Senate Crypto Currency Killer Bill

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Corporate Prescription Drugs Kill 15Xs More Americans Than 13 Years Of Domestic Terrorist Attacks

Prescription drugs kill nearly fifteen times as many Americans per year than the casualty toll of domestic terrorist attacks from over thirteen years combined, but still natural alternatives are suppressed and maligned despite a growing body of evidence supporting their far greater safety and efficacy.  Since 1997, when the United States became one of only […]

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Americans Will Soon Turn Their Rage Towards Central Bankers

During the populist revolt of 2016, which first led to the “shocking outcomes” of Brexit and then Trump, we cautioned that these phenomena were merely the “silent majority” of the developed world’s middle class expressing their anger and frustration with a world that has left them – and their real disposable income – behind, while […]

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