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GMO’s REVEALED: You And Your Family Are Being SILENTLY POISONED…, For Money.

(Natural News) A groundbreaking new docu-series called “GMOs Revealed” launches today. You can register to view it at this link. The eye-opening documentary series delivers 9 episodes that reveal hard-hitting truths about GMOs, glyphosate, genetic pollution, Monsanto, seed monopolies, crop collapse and many other topics. This is the “can’t miss” docu-series on GMOs that every […]

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America’s Hemorrhoid Al Sharpton: “Poisonous Atmosphere” In America “Being Stoked By The President”

Al Sharpton, who’s built his career on stoking racial tensions for personal and financial gain, accused President Donald Trump of inciting a “poisonous atmosphere” in the US. “We’re in a poisonous atmosphere that is being increased by the president of the United States. It’s like turning on the gas in a room.”    “Any match […]

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Wasserman Head Of DNC Poses As Threat To National Security

Many voters rejected Hillary Clinton because they thought she couldn’t be trusted with national secrets after her reckless handling of sensitive State Department emails. Florida voters ought to dispatch Rep. Debbie Wasserman for the same reason. When it comes to security matters, the incumbent Democrat and former DNC chair makes Hillary look like a diligent […]

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