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Pope Benedict XVI Calls On Rothschild, Strong, Soros, & Rockefeller To Show Solidarity For The Poor!

“God can conquer the heart of a person with many possessions and lead him towards solidarity and sharing with the poor and needy, so that he can enter into the logic of giving”, said the Pope commenting on today’s Gospel reading which narrates Jesus’ meeting with a rich young man.

Defunding The United Nations: “It’s A Rogue’s Gallery A Pariah State” “..That Needs Congressional Action”

A key House Republican is quickly pressing forward with her goals to scale back U.S. funding for the United Nations. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told The Hill that oversight would be a key function of the panel, particularly funding to the U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC) that is…

Maurice Strong & Bill Gates: Expatriated Money Out Of America!

Rothschild, Rockefeller, Maurice Strong, Al Gore, Goldman Sachs, Bill Gates, Mayor Daley, William Ayers, Saul Alinsky, Saudi Arabia, China and the United Nations equals Barak Obama. When we look at what has happened to the American dream, the American Constitution, the American economy in the past 12 months, it seems that there is a deliberate plan to completely destroy the entire American way…

Bankers With Out Boundaries [NWO] ~ Obama’s French Felon Nadhmi Auchi & French Felon George Soros!

Bankers With Out Boundaries aka; New World Order Bilking Scheme! Did You Know That The Monarchy Had Caused More Debt To The British Citizens Just Prior To The American Revolutionary War, Than What They Have Caused To The American Citizen, During The Banker’s New World Order War? They Funnel Money From The People, To The…

Bilderberger & NWO Crony Bill Gates: Ploy To Vaccinate Every Child On The Planet ~ While Obama Strips $2.2 Billion For Food Stamps ~ $100 Billion For Education Assistance & Cuts Energy Assistance By $3.3 Billion. Unemployment & Foreclosures Soar!

Bill Gates Re-Introduces Big Pharma As A Mechanism To Centralize Money From World Populations. Microsoft guru Bill Gates is busy rallying the troops to bring about what he calls “vaccine equity,” which is his plan to vaccinate every single child in the world. Manipulating the heart strings of his listening audience, Gates stated at a…

Video Of Libya Blowing Up Their Oil Fields ~ Obama Shuts Down USA Oil ~ Sends $Billions With Soros For Brazil’s Offshore Drilling Efforts.

ROTHSCHILD SENIOR BRITISH OPERATIVE ~ GEORGE SOROS The Wall Street Journal, A Conspiracy So Vast!: George Soros may be a nut case, but he’s still dangerous. Felon George Soros Made $11.6 Billion in 2008 trading against the orchestrated financial crisis ~ illegal insider trading. “It is, in a way, the culminating point of my life’s work,” the…

America Is Watching Michael Bloomberg: Disgraced Fannie Mae IS Part Of Obama’s Carbon Scheme!

Mortgage giant set to collect millions marketing homeowners’ energy savings With the Obama administration pushing for cap-and-trade legislation, former Clinton and Obama adviser Franklin Raines has positioned the government-sponsored mortgage giant Fannie Mae to make millions by selling carbon credits from American homes.

DeFazio Impeachment Probe of Chief Justice Roberts: Unlimited Corporate Spending In Elections As “Person” Is Unconstitutional.

With Democrats increasingly outraged over the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that allowed unlimited corporate spending in elections — a change conservatives have been more successful at taking advantage of — a Democratic congressman is raising the prospect of impeaching the Supreme Court’s chief justice over the issue.