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America’s Veteran: Saving ‘OUR’ U.S. Military From The Ravages Of The Industrial Corporate Military Complex!

Dégagé Meet Jim Wolf, an Army veteran who has struggled with poverty, homelessness and alcoholism. Luckily Jim volunteered to be a part of this makeover to show him what really lies under his ragged look. The results are UNREAL and have completely changed Jim’s life. Check out this wonderful video and SHARE it with your…

Death Toll For United States Military Power: Defense Secretary Gates Excised $178 Billion & Obama To Excise Another $400 Billion ~ Leaving America Naked!

Puppet Defense Secretary Robert Gates Mr. Gates particularly has warned against a “hollowing out” of the military, a not-so-implicit criticism of the $400 billion Mr. Obama has announced that he intends to cut from Pentagon accounts. This reduction would come on top of the roughly $178 billion already being excised by the Gates team.